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Hazel Grove High School


Closure for Easter Break/Letter Home

School Closes for Easter on Friday 31st March at 1.15pm.

31st March 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, may I congratulate all students in Years 7-9 on a superb performance in their recent mid-year assessments.  I am hearing many great things about the efforts and results that have gone into revision at home. I want to thank Year 7 for the way they conducted themselves throughout the exam week. In particular, as most days were cold, wet and damp, they did not let this phase them and were once again a credit to the school.

In a similar vein we are very pleased with Year 10, Year 11 and the Sixth Form as they approach the formal external exam season.  

I would also like to add my thanks to all the parents/carers who have supported or will be supporting preparation for GCSE’s and A levels.  This can sometimes be a difficult time at home and we appreciate it can be stressful on parents/carers too.  Thank you for the vast majority who have ensured students have a quiet space to revise, distractions such as video consoles are temporarily removed, and have encouraged a healthy balance between revision with other activities.

We send our best wishes to Year 11, 12 and 13 who now must make good use of this Easter break to further their revision in all their chosen subjects.

Summer Uniform 2017

As the weather now becomes warmer we allow students to make a choice as to whether they wish to continue wearing the traditional uniform or switch to the Summer uniform.  Details of this are given below:

  • Burgundy polo shirt (tucked in)
  • Black trousers / skirt
  • Black Shoes


Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are available over the Easter break from Monkhouse, Davensport or Badged. Students may wear these from the week commencing 1st May 2017 onwards.  Please remember the Summer uniform is optional and if students choose to wear the polo top it must be tucked in.


A reminder that we reserve the right for girls to be sent home to change if the school management deems any skirt to be too short for school.  Please check before buying any skirt that the hem sits above the knee.  As a guide we say no shorter than 10cm above the knee.

Collecting Students from School Site

In previous newsletters I have asked parents/carers to exercise more caution in picking students up from the school site after school.  Sadly, we continue to have a small minority of parents/carers who drive through the gates at a speed that is simply too fast.

Therefore, from Wednesday 19th April parents/carers will only be allowed to pick students up from inside the school grounds once the gates open at 3:15pm, and a member of staff is on duty.  The school gates will not open for any parent or carer wishing to come on site before this time.  Any parent/carer driving through the gates at a reckless speed will be reported to the Local Authority.  Your children have the right to be able to walk through their own school grounds, crossing roads at the safest point without the added danger of speeding cars.  I appreciate your support with this change.  Please do not ring the entrance buzzer before 3:15pm as you will be asked to turn around and find an alternative pick up point.

Fibonacci Charity Week, Comic Relief and Brunel Charity Week

Thank you for your donations for Fibonacci charity week in February, Comic Relief last week, and Brunel charity week this week.  We raised £1000 for the Neonatal Unit at Stepping Hill Hospital, over £400 for Comic Relief and are set to raise well over £1000 for the Christie Hospital.

Social Media

We are heading into a long break and for some students this means their main contact with friends becomes through social media.  Please can I ask all parents/carers who allow students to use these apps and websites, to make sure your child is acting appropriately at all times and not using any electronic form of communication to upset another child.  With the increased use of Snapchat, we are finding a growing number of students at other schools across the country who, when in the comfort of their own living room or bedroom, think that what they post online will not have consequences.  We do not tolerate bullying of any kind at this school and this extends to the use of social media.

We know that the vast majority of our students here are responsible, caring young men and women who know not to accept friend requests from strangers, know not to send and receive inappropriate photos and also know that whatever they send means there is a permanent record of it.  Please encourage your child to talk to you about their use of social media.  Given the scale of issues we have seen over the last month, please monitor Snapchat if your child has this on their phone.

We are currently reviewing our own policy on mobile phones in school for September and I would welcome any comments for and against students being allowed to bring them in.

Return after Easter and earlier finish

A reminder that students return to school after Easter on Wednesday 19th April at 8:45am.  The school has an INSET day for staff on Tuesday 18th April and is closed to all students.

The next half term finishes on Friday 26th May at a changed earlier time of 1:15pm.  This is to accommodate further staff training in new GCSE courses.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very enjoyable Easter break.

Yours sincerely

Mark Sibson