In February, Hazel Grove High School student Iara had the exciting opportunity to present her own news report as part of Sky Kids FYI: Weekly News Show.

Watch her report below:

FYI is a weekly news show presented by children, for children. It aims to answer big questions about news, current affairs and politics.

Iara presented her investigation into a ground-breaking new product, designed to help refugees keep warm in refugee camps during the harsh winter conditions.

Hazel Grove High School student Iara stands outside of the Energy House Labs before her feature on Sky Kids FYI weekly news show.

Reporting from Energy House Laboratories at the University of Salford, she interviewed Sri Hollema, the inventor of Mat Zero.

Mat Zero is a solar powered heat mat which provides safe and sustainable heating for refugees.

In the Energy House Laboratories, they turned the temperature down to -12ºC to simulate the conditions many refugees face. Sri then demonstrated how the product worked to Iara.

Hazel Grove High School student Iara stands in front of the cameras at Energy House Labs during filming for her feature on Sky Kids FYI weekly news show.

The Year 7 student asked the inventor about what inspired her to create Mat Zero, and learned about the hazards current heating methods can pose.

Finishing her report, Iara said:
“It’s hard to imagine how tough life can be for refugees… but hopefully this invention will help make them a little bit more comfortable and save lives.”

We’re extremely proud of Iara for this fantastic achievement. She received praise from the Sky Kids News team for her delivery and the quality of her report, and was even invited to report again!

Well done to Iara, we look forward to seeing her future news features!

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