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Hazel Grove High School


Mr Browne’s Triple Biology Stop Motion

For the past few weeks, Mr Browne`s year ten triple science, in biology, have been creating a project in order to understand the topic in more depth whilst creating a learning or revision source, in the form of a stop motion picture movie.


Students had been allocated a subject from the work module that they were covering. In teams, varying from two to three people, members combined their biology knowledge with their media and art skills. In the groups, subjects such as neurotransmission, mitosis and osmosis, as well as many more. Being assigned one subject meant that the groups could go into detail and meticulously craft plaster sine to fit their project, rather than rushing through multiple projects.

Using iMovie, on school iPad, pictures were taken and added together to produce one smooth action, which will be edited as one seamless video, about how their chosen subject happens and why.

Special thanks to the hard working class of 10p2!!