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Hazel Grove High School


Workshop with Norbury hall

A brilliant cross-phase, collaboration day was hosted on 26th March by the English department and a selection of Year 6 students from Norbury Hall.  The Norbury Hall students and the top set group in Year 8 took part in a ‘challenge’ workshop led by Miss Clouston.

The students had a focus on Ancient Rome in the morning session, where they debated in their small groupings where the road should be built and how it would affect their character. The resources created by three fantastic Sixth Form students were really successful and enthused the students to develop their oracy. The students then took place in an afternoon workshop where they chose a topic which interested them (e.g. the effect of plastic in the environment) and researched this topic. They were then asked to create a speech which would persuade the audience using a variety of discursive features and then finally, presented it on the stage. It was a fantastic day where the students from both Norbury Hall and Hazel Grove High School truly excelled themselves.