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Hazel Grove High School


Letter Home

June 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we start our final half term I would like to congratulate the students once again on their continued hard work throughout our main assessment season. We are very proud of the results from our Year 7 and 8 examinations and Year 10 have just completed their first GCSE in English Literature.

Schools are never just about examination prowess, however I am very pleased to report the excellent academic standards the students are achieving. Student preparation for examinations has on the whole been superb which will benefit all year groups during their final assessments later in school life.

Year 9 and Year 10 are busy preparing for their exams later this June and we wish them luck with all their preparations.

Canteen News

I am delighted to announce the school has won funding to make extensions to our canteen space. This represents our sixth year of grants being awarded to the school to make improvements. We are particularly pleased with this grant as it means in September we can remove the split lunch and break times that are currently in place.

From Monday 11th June we aim to trial moving the whole school back to one lunch period, this means that all students will take their lunch break from 12:30 – 1:15pm. Afternoon registration for all students will now take place at 1:15pm.

We have informed the students that the usual menu will continue, however entry will be on a rotation basis so that all students can be served quickly and sit comfortably. We welcome any feedback after our first week.

Split lunchtimes have previously been a necessity due to the continued popularity of the school and the size of our canteen. This has resulted in year groups being unable to mix together which has never been our preferred option as a school.

We are very pleased to have a larger canteen available from September and wish to thank parents and students for their patience with our split lunch provision. We aim to continue to improve the school facilities year on year wherever possible.

Improvement work is due to begin from 1st July therefore please can parents be aware a full range of menu options might not be available from this date. We will write to parents closer to the time to confirm these arrangements.

Head of Year 8/New Head of Year 10

Sadly we will be saying a fond farewell later this month to Charlotte Brown, Head of Year 8. Mrs Brown has worked with the school as Head of da Vinci House and more recently, Head of Year 8 since 2016.

Mrs Brown has led the way in improving the school approach to student mental health, dedicating lots of her own personal time to research. She has also led many excellent training sessions and awareness days for staff and students in this area, helping lots of students during their time here.

Mrs Brown is leaving to fulfil her ambition of becoming a primary school teacher and although we are sorry to be losing her from our pastoral team we wish her all the best for the next stage of her successful career.

Mrs Ashcroft, our current Learning Director for Year 8, will be taking over all Head of Year 8 duties from 25th June onwards, she can be contacted at

I am also pleased to announce that Mrs Mitchell will be the new Head of Year 10 from Monday 11th June and will remain with this year group into Year 11. She can be contacted at Mrs Mitchell has been our Head of Year 11 and Year 11 Learning Mentor previously and therefore has a wealth of experience in guiding students through their final year.

Consultations and Changes

We have a large number of consultations and proposed changes for September which I will be sharing with parents shortly. Our next Parent Forum meeting takes place this coming Tuesday 12th June at 6pm. All parents/carers are welcome to attend. The focus of this meeting is to talk about the steps the school is taking in response to our inspection and the potential changes to the school from September.

Our meeting, if you can attend, starts at 6pm in the Main Hall.

Thank you for all your on-going support.

Yours sincerely,

M Sibson