Year 11 students at Hazel Grove High School returned to school today for the first time since March to collect their GCSE results.

Observing staggered arrival times students picked up their results, with many staying on at HGHS’s 6th Form to study for A Levels or further qualifications.

All of our Year 11 students were sent home in March when the coronavirus pandemic saw all UK schools close their doors.

Today the school celebrated an excellent set of results and teachers were there to congratulate former students.

Martin Stewart, HGHS’s Head of School, said: “It’s fantastic to welcome our Year 11s back into school. Following the abrupt end to our Year 11s’ school journey when school was closed in March, and the recent uncertainty of how grades would be organised, it’s great to see them back again.

“Over their school career staff have enjoyed supporting them to become the young adults they are today, ones who fully deserve the results they have received. We want every one of them to be able to open the door to the future of their choice.

“I look forward to welcoming many of this year’s Year 11 into the Hazel Grove Sixth Form next month.”

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