Hazel Grove High School students created a time capsule to embed into the wall of their new state-of-the-art sixth form building opening in September 2023 to its first cohort.


KS3 and KS4 students wrote letters to future students telling them about the school now and how wider society is in 2023.


The capsule also included pictures of the school and staff, postcard from the Head of School, House Crest Badges and a HGSF sixth form Prospectus.


Mr Clarke, Assistant Headteacher said: “We wanted our future HGHS alumni to get a feeling for what it meant to be a part of HGHS in 2023. It’s exciting to think about what the world might look like whenever this is reopened in the future but we hope they can get a sense of the culture and community at HGHS through this time capsule!”


Hazel Grove Sixth Form will reopen its doors to a new cohort in September 2023, for more information about the Sixth Form visit the webpages.