Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks for your continued support ensuring that your child attends school with a face covering in line with the Government guidance.

At Hazel Grove High School students must wear a face covering:

  • When walking from one area of the school to another in internal areas.
  • When using the school canteen.
  • As they use the toilet facilities.
  • Face masks MUST be worn on the public and school transport as previously indicated.
  • Face masks must be worn and removed correctly, link below which provides advice on the wearing of face masks:
  • Students MUST wear face masks appropriately and any misuse will lead to our Behaviour policy being deployed in order to safeguard our community.
  • Some students and staff will be wearing face masks in classroom settings as well as corridors, etc. due to personal medical reasons – again, we will be sensitive and respectful in these circumstances.
  • If a student wishes to wear a face mask during a lesson because it makes them feel safer, more comfortable, etc. then we will, of course, be respectful of this.
  • We are mindful that we are a community whose youngest members are 11 years old, and therefore face masks must be appropriate for a school setting, with no inappropriate slogans etc.
  • If students are using the paper masks, can they please bring spares, as these do break.

Students that fail to bring an appropriate face covering to school will be issued with a B code (sanction for not being equipped for school).

Thank you for your continued support and, should there be any further changes we will of course let you know as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully,

Mr M Stewart

Head of School