We’re very proud of year 7 student Theo, who has been putting his time to good use while isolating at home.

He has been using his impressive Design & Technology skills to create a fantastic range of bird houses to encourage wildlife into his garden.

Theo says:

“When I was sent home to isolate, I wanted to spend my week productively and I have made bird boxes adapted from a design on the RSPB website. Mine has a larger roof and is more waterproof and practical to protect the birds.”

Theo is taking a particular interest in the welfare of birds after recently building a duck house with his Dad for a wild flock that has started nesting on their garden pond.

Theo explains:

“I’m making houses for small birds because sparrows, for example, are struggling to adapt in the modern-day world. We have lots of birds ready to make their nests now and I hope it will help them to breed safely.”

We are delighted that Theo is now planning to make more bird houses for the school site at Hazel Grove High, to raise the profile of the natural environment and to encourage others to take an interest in preserving and caring for the wildlife around us.