Who should I go to if I have a query?

In the first instance, it is best for parents/carers to contact reception or email [email protected]. For pastoral issues please contact the Head of Year. If necessary, we can then arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time.

Who should my child go to if they have an issue?

They should go to their Head of Year or their Form Tutor.

Where can I find bus information?

There are several bus services. Please visit our Travel Information pages by clicking here.

What language will my child learn?

At HGHS students are taught either French, Spanish or German and complete their early entry GCSE at the end of Year 9.

What if my child becomes unwell during the school day?

We have a dedicated First Aider on premises at all times and students should report to First Aid if they feel unwell. We will assess your child and contact you if necessary. Students should not contact home before seeking first aid in school.

What shoes can my child wear?

At HGHS we do allow students to wear ALL black and ALL leather Converse, Superstars or similar versions. Students are also able to wear other school shoes including Dr Marten’s shoes (but not boots). Students are not allowed to wear any other kind of trainer for school. For further information please visit our Uniform page here.

Can my child cycle to school?

We encourage students to cycle to school and there is secure bike storage on site. All student must wear a cycling helmet when riding their bike.

When will I find out my child’s Form Group?

All Form and House information will be sent home via letter during the summer before your child starts at HGHS.

When can my child use their mobile phone?

Mobiles are NOT allowed to be used in school. However, we appreciate many students use these to contact home if required on their way to and from school. If your child needs to contact you during the school day, they should see their Head of Year.