Travel to / from school

Travel Information

There are different travel passes available for High School and Sixth Form students to travel in Greater Manchester:

igo card

Children aged 11 to 16 must have an igo card to travel using a child ticket on buses in Greater Manchester. It can also be used as proof of age for travelling by tram.

For more information click here.

Our Pass

Our Pass is a scheme that enables all eligible 16–18 year olds in Greater Manchester to gain access to free bus travel, and exclusive offers and experiences. To gain access you must become an Our Pass Member.

For more information and to apply click here.

Bus Service

Our School Bus Service is operated though Transport for Greater Manchester (TGFM).

It’s important that families plan ahead for how children will get to and from school. You should also apply now for any tickets or passes you may need.

For the latest information on timetables, tickets, changes to School Bus services and advice on cycling and walking, visit TfGM’s Back to School hub at

If children need to use both Stagecoach and Bullock’s school services, they need to buy TfGM’s weekly school ticket costing £7.60 or a TfGM school return ticket costing £2. Both tickets are available from the driver. Operator-own tickets are ONLY valid on that operator’s services. Alternatively, if children also use buses outside of school times, they may want to buy a System One ticket which are valid on all operators’ services. The weekly ticket costs £10.50 and the day ticket cost £2.50. You can find full details here

Bus Timetable

Please click here for the 2023-24 bus timetable. If you have any questions regarding the buses please do not hesitate to contact us.

Walking & Cycling

Please consider whether your child can walk or cycle to school – it can be a safe and healthy way for students to make shorter trips. New cycling and walking routes have been put in place across the region as part of the #SafeStreetsSaveLives project to make it safer and easier than ever to get about on foot or by bike. To get help and advice on cycling and walking, including tips on journey planning visit

If you have to drive your child to school and/or pick them up, please switch off your engine when waiting outside to reduce air pollution and consider parking further away and walking the last part of your journey.