Travelling to school

Where can I find bus information?
There are several school bus services. Please visit our Travel to School page for more information.
Can I walk to school?
Yes! We actively encourage our students to walk to school where possible.
Can I ride to school?
Yes! We also actively encourage our students to cycle to school where possible. We expect our students to ride their bikes with due care and attention, following all of the appropriate rules of the road to keep themselves and members of our community safe.

The school day

What time do Year 7 have lunch?
Year 7 usually go for lunch slightly earlier than other year groups as they get used to using the canteen. Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch. If buying food from the canteen, please ensure your child has enough money on ParentPay. During lunchtime they can play out on the designated playground, take part in co-curricular clubs or talk with friends. They will be supervised in each of their designated areas.
Are students taught as a form?
Year 7 are taught in forms for some of their lessons. Other lessons are taught in mixed groups from within one half of the year group.
What language will my child learn?
Your child will learn either French, German or Spanish. Students are assigned a language based on their form group. Changes cannot be  made. All students sit their language GCSE in Year 9. Your child can, if they desire, choose to study a second GCSE language in Key Stage 4.
Where should my child go on the first day?
On entering the school site, staff will guide students to their designated form room or to their Year group area.
When can my child use their mobile phone?
We appreciate many students use these to contact home if required on their way to or way home from school. However, mobiles are NOT required in school and must be switched off and kept out of sight for the whole of the school day including at break and lunchtimes.

If your child needs to contact home during the school day, they should see their Head of Year.

What are Electives and when do they take place?
Our extensive co-curricular programme is known as Electives. These Electives represent a range of activities which fall under our four cornerstones of: Academic Aspiration; Leadership & Service; Competition & Physical Endeavour and Culture, Creativity & Rhetoric. These may take place at lunchtimes or after the end of the school day; usually from 3-4pm, or slightly earlier on a Wednesday. A full timetable of all of these activities is issued to students at the start of the academic year and further activities are added as the year continues.


What shoes can my child wear?
At Hazel Grove High School students must wear appropriate shoes for school. Shoes must be plain black. Neither trainers nor boots are allowed. Canvas shoes are not acceptable. Please see our Uniform Page for further details.
What type of black skirts or trousers are allowed?

For all students, skirts and trousers should be practical and formal. Fashion skirts and trousers such as jersey skater skirts, stretch tube skirts or flared / skinny fit trousers are not permitted as uniform. Skirts may be pleated or plain but must be no shorter than knee length and no longer than mid-calf.

Can my child have time off during term time?
We will support your child’s time off if they are competing in a competition with co-curricular clubs or taking examinations, for example in music. We will also support unavoidable medical appointments. We will not support or authorise any holidays during term time – please refer to our Attendance Policy for further details.
Will my child have to complete homework?

We refer to homework as PP&R (Practice, Preparation & Retrieval). This can come in many forms and is used by teachers to help students to consolidate learning; to practise a concept; to prepare for the next lesson or to allow them to complete retrieval practice to strengthen their recall of key information. Students will be given a journal to make a note of their PP&R and when it is due. Parents need to look at this journal each week and sign it to acknowledge that they have seen the work that has been set and this is also monitored by Form Tutors.


What should I do if my child is anxious about starting High School?
Please try to reassure your child that everyone will feel anxious and it is normal when starting a new school and getting used to a new environment. Many students will be joining us not knowing anyone. They will soon get used to High School and settle in.
Who should I go to if I have a query?
In the first instance, it is best for parents/carers to contact reception on 0161 549 7700 or email [email protected].

For pastoral issues please contact the Head of Year.

If necessary, we can then arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time.

Who should my child go to if they have an issue?
They should go to their Form Tutor or Head of Year.