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Hazel Grove High School



Uniform is compulsory for all students. Students arriving at school without the correct uniform may be sent home to change into the correct uniform. If parents experience financial difficulties, we will be sensitive to the needs of the student and work closely with parents in order to ensure their child is in uniform as quickly as possible. Parents should raise any complaints about school uniform or dress codes with the Governing Body of the school.

Uniform Expectations

We expect all year groups to adhere to the following:

  • Trousers - Black school trousers only. No denim, fashion trousers or tight legged trousers allowed.
  • Skirt - Plain black skirt, no shorter than 10cm above the knee. No fashion skirts allowed.

  • Socks - Plain black / white ankle socks. Trousers must not be tucked into socks.

  • Tights - Plain black / clear tights. Tights and socks must not be worn together.

  • Shoes - Plain black leather (not waterproof). These must not display any embellishments e.g. logos, coloured laces.

  • Outer Garments - Coats must be all plain black; safety visibility stripes are allowed. Hats, scarves and gloves must be all black, and again, safety visibility stripes are allowed. These can only be worn outside the building and are not to be worn indoors. Hoods on coats must only be worn outside and when it is raining. Hoods must be down at all other times. Hooded tops, denim and leather items of clothing are not allowed.