Sixth Form: Welcome

Welcome to the Hazel Grove Sixth Form. We are delighted that you have chosen to find out more about us. We hope that the information we provide helps you to understand our high expectations and something about sixth form life. Should you choose to join us then we look forward to working with you to make sure that your time in the Sixth Form is successful, rewarding and enjoyable.  

Our exciting range of subjects and learning opportunities which await you if you make the decision to join us at Hazel Grove Sixth Form. You are about to enter a very exciting stage in your education and we are sure you will find this a useful guide to help you make the right decision. 

Academic Aspiration is a key element in your making the most of your time in the Sixth Form, achieving the best A Level / BTEC (L3) results you can and progressing into higher education or the career of your choice. We expect you to demonstrate Academic Aspiration in your attitude to your lessons and independent studies and in turn will make sure that you receive all of the help and support that you need.  

We provide all of our students with; a structured environment in which students are encouraged to strive for excellence and realise their individual gifts and talents, we will support students in developing the qualities of leadership and responsibility so that he/she may play an effective role in society and allow students to develop a set of values: spiritual, moral, social and intellectual, which will enable them to meet the challenges of the modern world with confidence. 

Our students benefit from expert teaching, small class sizes and individual advice and guidance from experienced and caring staff. This is supplemented by an extensive enrichment programme. We are extremely proud of the academic achievements of the Sixth Form and believe that there is nowhere better for students to continue their studies.