Sixth Form: Information for parents/carers

Our Sixth Form

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Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models for students lower down the school, and their standards of dress are an important part of the culture at Hazel Grove High School.

Students are expected to regard Sixth Form dress requirements in a positive manner. Hazel Grove High School has settled on a dress code that stops short of uniform. Instead, we have opted for a dress code that recognises the variety of dress considered appropriate in the workplaces our students will go on to work in.

Nonetheless, we do have some expectations that we expect our students to meet.

Examples of ACCEPTABLE items of professional clothing:

  • Trousers, dress and/or skirt.
  • Smart chino or dark denim.
  • A smart shirt / blouse and / or smart jumper may be worn.
  • Long or short sleeve shirts. These can be worn with a tie (a tie is not compulsory).
  • V-neck sweaters / jumper
  • Smart collared polo shirt / tops
  • Appropriate shoes / footwear, Low heeled or flat shoes/boots (not trainers).
  • Department specific uniforms / clothing such as PE, the school logo needs to be present on these items of clothing.

Outdoor coats must be removed when in the building.


Examples of UNACCEPTABLE items of professional clothing:

  • Ripped or bright / multi-coloured jeans.
  • Blue jeans / denim
  • Tracksuits, hoodies and casual sports T-shirts. No collarless shirts.
  • Shorts, combat trousers, sweatshirts and ripped trousers.
  • Baseball caps / hats
  • Clothing bearing slogans.
  • Plimsolls, flip-flops, pumps (leather and canvas), sneakers.
  • Items of clothing that expose the shoulders, including ‘cold shoulder’ tops.
  • Length of skirt needs to be appropriate for a work environment – on or just above the knee.


The following is also part of the Sixth Form dress code policy:

  • Facial piercings are not allowed.
  • Hair colour needs to be a natural colour.
  • Lanyards must be worn at all times while on site.


Given the constantly evolving nature of fashion, Hazel Grove High School reserves the right to add to these requirements and determine that particular items are not appropriate. Students are expected to exercise mature judgement in their choices. In instances of uncertainty, a member of the Sixth Form team should be consulted.

Students who come to school inappropriately dressed may have items confiscated or be asked to go home to change. Students should accept that choosing to dress inappropriately puts them at risk of being sent home to change, with a consequent loss of learning time.