Philosophy & Religion

Course Title Advanced GCE in Philosophy and Religion

Examination Board AQA

Course Content

Component 1: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Component 2: Study of Religion and Dialogues (Christianity)


Component 1: Written Exam: 3 hours (100 marks, 50% of A-level)

Component 2: Written Exam: 3 hours (100 marks, 50% of A-level)

Future Progression

A Level Philosophy and Religious Studies allow students to progress on to degree level courses in the following areas: Religion and Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Anthropology, History, Law, Psychology, Sociology and English. Future career pathways can include: journalism, teaching, public service, academia, youth and community work, law, social work and counselling.


To succeed in Philosophy and Religion you will:

  •  Have a passion for and a genuine interest in the subject
  •  Have excellent literacy skills with the ability to construct a reasoned argument
  •  Have independence of mind and the ability to think for yourself
  •  Be able to conduct research successfully
  •  Be open-minded and willing to respect, and learn from, a variety of perspectives
  •  Be a highly organised student who can meet essay deadlines on time
  •  Be an inquisitive individual with a desire to explore deep and meaningful questions
  •  Have a desire to understand why religion plays such a large part in society.