Design & Technology

Course Title Advanced GCE in Design and Technology (Product Design)

Examination Board Edexcel

Subject Code 9DT0

Course Content

Year 12 – Component 1 and Design/Make Tasks

In Year 12 students will cover the content for the Component 1 externally assessed exam which will include materials and their properties, techniques and processes and design theory. They will also undertake two focussed practical tasks, one product and one architecturally based, which will develop the making, advanced CAD and presentation skills required for the non-examined assessment (NEA). These tasks will include:

  •  The collection and analysis of primary and secondary research
  •  Developing a design brief
  •  Creative design response/generating ideas
  •  Development through modelling and prototyping
  •  Product testing and evaluation

Year 12/13

In June of year 12 learners will receive the contextual challenge for Component 2. The purpose of this component is to undertake a substantial design, make and evaluate project which will test students’ skills in designing and making a prototype. They will also continue to cover the content for the Component 1 externally assessed exam.


Component 1:

Written Examination 2 hours 30 minutes, 50% of qualification. 120 marks.

May/June of Year 13

Component 2:

Non-examined assessment, 50% of the qualification. 120 marks.

Future Progression

Students can progress from this qualification to:

  •  Tertiary education and/or work-based study including product design, engineering and architecture.
  •  Further training in the design, creative, engineering and/or manufacturing industries
  •  Employment in a relevant sector

To succeed in Design and Technology

You will:

  •  Have an ability to research and develop a project independently and thoroughly
  •  Be able to use a range of tools, materials and equipment to develop a prototype
  •  Have a passion for design, making and engineering.