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Next Steps at Post-16

Here you will find a range of local colleges and educational providers that students could look at when considering their next steps Post-16.  There are lots of opportunities in the South Manchester area.  Most students look at College to do A-Levels or BTECs.  Some student study vocational courses at colleges including BTECs/vocational qualifications and some students follow the Apprenticeship route.  You should explore all the options available to you and we recommend you apply to at least two places, even if one is just a back-up plan.  You can make your final decision after you get your GCSE results next Summer.

How do I find out more?

Each link below will take you to the website of the Post-16 provider. You should look at courses that could interest you. Each college operates its own application process. Most are online, but some still require a written application. The application process begins in September Yeara 11. Deadlines for applications vary, but be aware that some are as early as November.

Aquinas College

Cheadle and Marple

Cheadle Hulme Sixth Form

Macclesfield College

Stockport College

Other Centres to consider…

Access to Music

Loreto College

Manchester College

Reaseheath College

Seta Engineering

Xaverian College

Key Points

  • You MUST apply to college even if you want to do an apprenticeship. This gives you a back-up plan.
  • You can apply for apprenticeship usually in Feb-May of Year 11, but some large National Companies begin the process earlier in the Autumn Term.
  • You can send the application away as soon as it’s ready. Some colleges ask you to write about your hobbies, interests and why you have applied. You must take care to answer these questions to a good standard as you will be judged on your responses.
  • If you are asked to include target grades, you could use KASH or the predicted grades you have collected from your teachers. These help the colleges decide if you are suitable for the course, but ultimately, they make their decisions based on the grades you get in your final GCSE’s.
  • As a rule, choose subjects that interest you or that you are good at. You can often change course and subjects in September – so don’t panic!
  • Look at University courses on the UCAS website to check A-Levels you may need for a particular degree or career.

For further advice students should speak to their Form Tutor, Head of Year or Careers Leader in School or Rachel Townley (Careers Advisor).

Try these links for more information:

Website GMACS – Greater Manchester Apprenticeship and Careers Service
Video – How to Choose your A-Level – Advice