How will we know when a student needs extra support?

Hazel Grove High School is committed to early identification of SEND. We ensure that our staff understand that SEND is not only highlighted by attainment and that all of our students have different strengths and areas to develop. Therefore, our SEND team: 


  • work closely with our Head of Years and teaching staff to promote a holistic approach to pastoral support to ensure that we identify and support students needs regardless of their attainment and attendance but tailored to their strengths and areas of need responding to any concerns raised about social, emotional or academic progress 
  • work closely with local primary schools to ensure we are aware of any additional needs of students making the transition from primary school to HGHS 
  • communicate with parents and students to respond to any concerns raised 
  • regularly observe students 
  • screen all students in Year 7 to ascertain literacy and numeracy need  
  • use progress data to identify students who are working below expectations 
  • track progress on termly ‘KASH’ reports (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits for each subject) 
  • scrutinise progress data and the impact of interventions