Meet the Team

Mr Vickers

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Vickers studied Product Design at Sheffield Hallam University, before completing his PGCE at the same institute. Mr Vickers spent two years at a school in Lincoln before moving to Hazel Grove High School in 2005. He enthuses students with his love of learning and aims to develop students to reach their full potential and has uncompromising aspirations for every individual and for the school to be exceptional and inspirational.

Mr Vickers feels very honoured to be Deputy Head for Hazel Grove High School, helping the young people of Hazel Grove develop the qualities and skills that will enable them go on to the future of their choice. Hazel Grove is a community he very much cares for and is passionate about.

Miss Franklin

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Franklin has spent almost all of her teaching career at Hazel Grove High School. She completed her first year of teaching at Priestnall High School, Stockport after which she joined Hazel Grove High school starting out as a Mathematics teacher. She completed both her Business and Applicable Mathematics Degree and PGCE in Mathematics teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University.

As well as teaching, she has experienced a variety of responsibilities within the Mathematics Department and then on senior leadership since 2011.  She has focused on achievement of students, behaviour and pastoral care.

Miss Franklin is passionate about helping all students develop both academically and socially, so that they are well-rounded citizens who can go on to follow the future of their choice.  In her current role as Designated Safeguarding Lead she provides support to staff to carry out their safeguarding duties and works with outside agencies creating safe environments for students to thrive.

Mr Evans

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Evans graduated from Manchester University in 2010 with a degree in Chemistry. He has always had a passion for mathematics though, completing a Mathematics PGCE at Manchester University in 2011 and a MA in Education in 2020. He joined Cheadle Hulme High School in 2012 and was a Head of House for three years. This whole school role involved a relentless focus on progress and the behaviour for learning of all students, with an emphasis on high quality provision for disadvantaged pupils.

He then took a sabbatical to work as Director of Mathematics at an international school in Dubai. These experiences led him to specialise in behaviour and discipline as an SLE. Upon returning from Dubai, Mr Evans became Assistant Headteacher at Hazel Grove High School with responsibility for behaviour and attitudes across the school. He believes very strongly that the core functions of any school’s behaviour policy are to ensure that teachers are able to teach their students and make learning students’ first priority.

Mrs Lambert

Director of Sixth Form and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Lambert studied French, Spanish and Marketing at Salford University before embarking upon a career in an Aviation Route Development. However, eager to play a bigger part in shaping the future of young people, she decided to start her teacher training in 2007. She has been teaching within the Laurus Trust since 2008, starting her career as an NQT at Cheadle Hulme High School where she later became Trust Director of Languages.

She then had the honour of becoming Assistant Head of School at Laurus Ryecroft; helping to open one of the new Laurus secondary schools in East Manchester. She moved to Hazel Grove in 2020, as Assistant Head of School, with a desire to continue to strengthen the love of languages within the Laurus Trust. She truly believes that every student should learn a new language, and her goal is to help students understand the link between learning in the classroom and the exciting opportunities that languages bring in the wider world.

Mr Howell

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Howell attended Sheffield Hallam University where he completed a degree in History before going on to complete an MSc in Tourism Management and a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has been teaching since 2004 and is passionate about supporting all groups of students regardless of their background to ensure that they do not have any barriers to their learning and are able to achieve their potential.

Mr Howell is a champion for Young Carers and Looked after Children and has worked to ensure that these groups of students are recognised across the school and that their needs are met. As well as being an Assistant Headteacher Mr Howell also teaches History, a subject which he cares about as he sees it as a valuable subject that while helping students to develop important analytical and reasoning skills it enables them to learn about different cultures and see how the world has been shaped today. Mr Howell is proud to work at Hazel Grove and wants to make a difference for the lives of the young people that come to our school.

Mrs Kelly

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Kelly has a degree in Economics and she worked in the financial sector for many years however, she decided that teaching was the path she wanted to embark on and completed a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University. Since 2002, Mrs Kelly has taught Business and Computing at Hazel Grove High School but she has taken career breaks to travel the world and teach in Australia.

Mrs Kelly has a passion for teaching and enjoys inspiring students, her travel and work experience have added value to her lessons. Mrs Kelly is proud to be an Assistant Headteacher and she has experienced a wide range of roles within school that have focused on home learning, intervention, achievement, behaviour and pastoral care. She has been an integral part in introducing the House System here at Hazel Grove High School.

Mr Clarke

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Clarke graduated from Durham University in 2012 and studied Sport Science with optional modules of Mathematics. His love of both sport and maths took him south where he spent a year working at a school whilst coaching hockey and helping teach Maths. This led him to complete his Mathematics PGCE at Exeter University a year later! He spent 3 years at Sandbach School before joining Hazel Grove High School in 2017 and soon became known for his passionate, enthusiastic approach to teaching and school life.
When the House system was launched Mr Clarke became Head of Laurus House and led them to the school’s first ever House Cup victory! The House system is an element of school life he feels every student should have the opportunity to engage with and believes it has the ability to give our students experiences to develop qualities and skills that will help with life after Laurus.

Miss Parry

Head of Pastoral Care

Miss Parry has worked in pastoral care and safeguarding at Cheadle Hulme High School for 8 years prior to joining Hazel Grove High School in September 2019.

She has significant experience in supporting students and their families, working effectively with a wide range of external professionals and agencies. Miss Parry is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead and works closely with the Leadership team, Heads of Year, SEND Department and our Social, Emotional and Mental Health specialists.

Miss Parry believes in the Laurus Trust’s vision and its values. She is passionate and fully committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential regardless of background or circumstance with a goal for all students to be inspired, to thrive in all environments, to recognise what it takes to succeed, to set aspirational goals and work hard to achieve them.

Miss Kernahan 

Head of Year 7

Miss Kernahan worked and studied abroad teaching English as a foreign language to Spanish students. Following this, her interest in safeguarding and pastoral care grew. She developed her experience and knowledge by working in different educational settings upon her return to the UK.

Miss Kernahan joined Hazel Grove High School in December 2020 and has worked closely with all year groups in a pastoral role.

“I am excited to meet our new cohort of year 7 students joining us in September, and look forward to working with and supporting them throughout their 5-year journey at Hazel Grove High School.”