Curriculum Statement - Sociology

“The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden” – Pierre Bordieau

Powerful Knowledge in Sociology

The overall aim of sociology is to encourage students to look at the world in a more critical way and question why society functions in the way that it does. Powerful knowledge in sociology equips students with an understanding of the inequalities and power balances that exist in society, and the skills to understand and debate a wide range of issues.


Curriculum Features

The sociology curriculum offers students a key focus on society in the UK today looking back to how society has arrived at its current position, and suggesting how it may continue to evolve. The sociology curriculum aims to give students a broad understanding of the structures and processes that exist in society through the study of a range of perspectives such as Functionalism, Marxism and Feminism. Students examine families, education, the media and crime and how they may advantage or disadvantage different groups in society. Through studying sociology, students will develop critical thinking skills and be able to debate current affairs. Students learn about cultural capital as part of their first unit of study and they are encouraged to seek out knowledge and experience that enhances and adds to their learning.


Co Curriculum Enrichment

  • Students are encouraged to complete wider reading of fiction and non-fiction texts and attend the Debate Club.
  • They have had the opportunity to attend cross-curricular trips with the sociology and psychology departments to London.
  • Students are given the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures held by sociologists and visits to curriculum workshops that are offered by external agencies are arranged.
  • Students are consistently encouraged to be using the media to add to their knowledge of sociology and find current, real-life examples of sociology in the real world that could be used as examples and evidence in their written work.

Students study the AQA Specification.

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