Curriculum Statement - Art, Craft and Design

“Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

Powerful Knowledge in Art, Craft and Design

  • Understanding the unique qualities of different materials and processes and being able to exploit these within practical work.
  • Engaging with art history and developing an ever growing understanding of historical, modern and contemporary artists, crafts people and designers.
  • Providing opportunities to create art that considers cultures, ideas and opinions from the wider world -including religious, ethnic, British and socio-economic issues, and providing opportunity for cross curricular discussion and debate within the art setting.
  • Developing art, craft & design specific language and literacy, gaining an ability to analyse and evaluate their own and others’ artworks – understanding artistic terminology and building a strong vocabulary.
  • Understanding how to question & understand visual language and support opinions and points.
  • Understanding the job roles and careers that modern artists, crafts people and designers fulfil. To understand their importance, the skill sets and study pathways needed to become one.


Curriculum Features

  • To develop the ability to draw. To regularly return to this subject to support mastery.
  • To explore techniques, materials and ideas and regularly return to these elements to support mastery.
  • To have opportunity to produce artworks and artefacts within the fields of art, craft & design, whilst developing an enjoyment for the subject.
  • To investigate ideas through visual language and build an understanding of design process.
  • To engage with artists, craftspeople and designers within a range of contexts and apply understanding to practical tasks.
  • To develop confidence in oracy and rhetoric, while forming opinions and an understanding of art, craft & design throughout history and in today’s society.
  • Developing the use of visual language by seeing, understanding, questioning and practicing.
  • To engage with art, craft & design and build an understanding of careers and job roles within the fields.


Co Curriculum Enrichment

The art department is a creative hub and understands that great art, craft & design takes time and patience to master. Due to this we operate regular open studio opportunities where students can drop in and create. This includes afterschool and lunch time provision for all KS4 & 5 students. Other opportunities include;

  • Sketch: A KS3 independent sketchbook club.
  • Gifted & Talented workshops.
  • Art, craft & design competitions.
  • Trips, visits and specialist workshops.

Finally, the art, craft & design curriculum provides extensive opportunity to take part in projects that make links with science, religion, beliefs and values and culture. Students are encouraged to engage with and explore these subjects.


Year 7 is primarily an introduction to basic skills and how to work through a project. We introduce students to success criteria and how to produce a range of quality pieces of work. Throughout the key stage students develop technical skills using a range of materials. Underpinning their work will be the work of artists, craftsperson’s and designers, and they will explore links and connections with their own practice.


Students study the AQA specification. The course develops students understanding and practical ability within art & design.

Further detail is available on the exam board website below