School to School support

Specialist Leaders of Education can make a difference to your institution.

In the Altius Alliance we have 43 highly skilled Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) who can be deployed to meet the needs of your organisation.

Packages of support are designed on an individual basis and can be light touch or deep depending on the project brief which you design in partnership with one of our SLEs.

Please email enquiries to : [email protected]

Emma Warrington

Beth Gannon

Gill Theobold

Gill Theobold

Sheley Ward

Simon Mackintosh

John Park

Sharon Diffley

Rachel Martin

Martin Vevers

Claire Alafiatayo

Sam Perry

Martin Stewart

Victoria Glennon

Lisa Grant

Jo Lambert

Colin Sharp

Carol Picciotto

Katerina Schlindwein

Rob Herring

Marisa Bartoli

David Woolley

Andrea Valentine

Blaire Murray

Joe Maguire

Ian Freeman

Trish Duggan

Gillian Jones

Lisa Kelly

Louise Richardson

Sue Bradley

Sophie Horan

Ryan Thompson

Allison Cowan

L Neukom

Kimberley Edmonds

John Peet

Emma Moroney

Alex Clayton

Dave Brown

Catherine Mather

Rachel Withers

Cat Wilcock