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Hazel Grove High School


School Day & General Information


Attendance and Punctuality 

Regular attendance is a high priority. All absences must be followed by a written reason signed by the parent / carer. Whenever possible you may be contacted by a member of our support staff on the first day of absence. It is not acceptable to allow children time off school for reasons other than sickness or medical / dental consultation. Any medical/dental appointments should be evidenced with an appointment card from the surgery please.

Given that learning time is very precious and examinations and other assessments, including coursework, take place at all times, absence from school for holiday periods cannot be authorised.

Holidays taken in term-time will only be authorised in very rare and exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Head Teacher. Where holidays are taken without consent from the Head Teacher, this is likely to lead to fixed penalty fines of up to £120 per parent for each child, issued by the Local Authority.

Hazel Grove High School requests that parents/carers avoid asking for days off school for their child as refusal often offends.  


Being prepared for learning will optimise our students’ achievement. All students are expected to come to school with the right basic equipment for lessons (pens, pencils, rulers etc.)

Personal Possessions 

As a school we cannot accept responsibility for personal possessions that are lost in school. If students choose to bring items such as mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players into school they must realise they remain totally responsible and, if the item is lost, misplaced or broken the school will not under any circumstances be liable.

Mobile Phones 

From September students will not be allowed to use their mobiles at any point in the school day.

Please read our mobile phone policy on our policies page - click here

Break and Lunchtime arrangements and leaving the school premises 

Our school canteen is open in the morning for breakfast, and at morning break to sell hot and cold snacks, drinks and sandwiches for eating in the canteen.

At lunchtime students can eat their own sandwiches in designated areas, buy sandwiches and snacks or eat a cooked meal in the canteen.


For the safety and welfare of all students it is important that we are aware of who is on the school site at all times. Students are not permitted to leave the premises at lunchtime, or any other time, without prior written arrangement. Should you wish your child to come home for lunch then we ask for a written note from you to that effect so that they may be issued with a lunch pass. Should your child need to leave school during the day for a medical or dental appointment then please send a note stating the time s/he needs to leave school. S/he must take this to the school office in the west building to sign out.

Students returning to school following an appointment or those who arrive on site late must report to reception.

School Day Timings 

08:00 Breakfast Club
8.50 Registration with Form Teacher
9.00 Lesson 1
10.00 Lesson 2
11.00 Morning Break
11.20 Lesson 3
12.20 Lesson 4
1.20 Lunch (All Students)
2.00 Lesson 5
3.00 End of School Day

3-4pm Extra curricular/School Detentions

Lunch will be slightly shorter at 40 minutes

Wednesdays School Day (every wednesday)

08:00 Breakfast Club
8.50 Registration with Form Teacher
9.00 Lesson 1
9.55 Lesson 2
10.50 Morning Break
11.10 Lesson 3
12.05 Lesson 4
1.00 Lunch (All Students)
1.40 Lesson 5
2.35 End of School Day
2.35 - 3.35 Detentions /Extra Curricular

Home-School Agreement 

As teachers at the school we will do our best to

  • Meet the aims of the school as published in the school’s prospectus
  • Care for your child’s safety and well-being
  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of children of all abilities
  • Develop your child’s talents and abilities as fully as possible
  • Keep you informed about school matters in general and your child’s progress in particular
  • Respond promptly and sensitively to any concerns or complaints
  • Help your child to leave school well-prepared to make the most of future career/educational opportunities

As a student of the school I will do my best to:

  • Attend regularly and on time
  • Bring all the books, equipment and kit that I need each day
  • Wear the correct school uniform and be tidy in my appearance
  • Complete all my classwork and homework on time and to the best of my ability
  • Take advantage of the opportunities offered, both educational and extracurricular
  • Behave sensibly and courteously at all times
  • Make sure my mobile phone is switched off and never use it to photograph or record others
  • Take good care of the school environment and help to keep the school free from litter and graffiti the school I will do my best to:

As a parent/carer I will do my best to:

  • Assist the school in meeting its aims, which I have read in the school prospectus
  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly, on time, properly equipped and correctly dressed.
  • Notify the school immediately of any unavoidable absence
  • Take an active and supportive interest in my child’s work and progress, including homework
  • Encourage my child to take advantage of the opportunities offered, both educational and extra-curricular
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s behaviour or work
  • Support the code of conduct, discipline and authority of the school

Exclusion information 

Provision of full-time education from the sixth day of any fixed period exclusion

The school follows the Local Authority Guidance when a student has been excluded for longer than five days.

The school will inform parents/carers of their responsibility to ensure that their child is not present in a public place during school hours, during the first five days of any fixed term exclusion. Should their child be found in a public place in school hours without reasonable justification, parents/carers will face a fixed penalty notice.

From the sixth day of exclusion, education will be provided by another educational establishment within the Local Authority. This will involve the student travelling to another school and it will be the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure their child attends.