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Hazel Grove High School


Young Carers


Young Carers are individuals under 18 years old who provide care and support to a family member, based upon medical or various other needs. Research conducted by the BBC in 2010 suggested that there could be as many as 700,000 young carers across the UK, some as young as five years old.

At Hazel Grove High School are very proud of the support we provide for those students who help care for and support a member of their family.

How Hazel Grove High School supports young carers:

Young carers generally care for and support members of their immediate family who may be:

  • A parent with an illness, disability, mental health problem or dependency on alcohol or drugs
  • An elderly grandparent who is frail, or who has a health problem or disability
  • A brother or sister who has a health problem or disability

When a young person helps to look after someone in their family, they may need a little extra support to help them get the most out of school. We have been working to raise awareness throughout Hazel Grove High School of the particular needs that Young Carers may have. In this way we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for those students who may have more responsibility at home than their peers.

Identifying a Young Carer

Signs which may indicate that a child is caring for someone at home may include:

  • Arriving late at school
  • Missing days at school
  • Tiredness
  • Hunger
  • Clothing or appearance may not be clean or tidy
  • Underachievement
  • Unable to complete home work on time
  • Withdrawn, over sensitive, low self esteem
  • Behavioural problems
  • Difficulties with peer group, limited social skills
  • Isolation, embarrassed to take friends home
  • Not attending after school activities or activities in local area
  • Non attendance on school trips, particularly residential
  • Being bullied
  • Financial difficulties
  • Physical problems, such as back pain from lifting
  • False signs of maturity, from assuming adult roles
  • Parents may have little or no contact with school, be unable to attend parents evenings, review days, or social activities.

We aim to understand the issues faced by Young Carers and to support any student who helps to look after or support somebody at home. For example:

  • We have a member of staff (Mr Howell) who has special responsibility for Young Carers.
  • We can provide students with confidential support and advice in school.
  • We liaise with class teachers and give them strategies to help support Young Carers in school.
  • We offer 1-1 mentoring sessions for our Young Carers with a member of the pastoral team
  • We work closely with Signpost Stockport and can put students and their families in touch with them and other support services.
  • We can make referrals to other agencies such as the school nurse or counselling services.
  • We respect students’ right to privacy as a young carer and will only share information about them and their family with people who need to know so that they can help the student.
  • All Young Carers are invited to join our Young Carer’s Group. The group is run by Mr Howell and offers the opportunity for students to meet others in similar situations, to befriend others and share experiences.
  • Where possible we can negotiate deadlines for homework in advance of these being set. (We may not be able to change deadlines for some things, such as certain controlled assessments which are part of an externally moderated module.)
  • When an identified young carer is given a detention, we will consider allowing this to take place at break or lunchtimes rather than after school if this impacts on their caring role.
  • Access for parents with impaired mobility
  • We can help provide alternative communication options for parents who are sensory impaired or housebound
  • We can help to offer advice to parents if there are difficulties in transporting a young carer to school

At Hazel Grove High School we appreciate that there are many impacts on students who provide care or support and we do our best to meet the needs of our Young Carers in school. We encourage parent(s)/carer(s) to let us know if their child is a Young Carer.

If your child is a Young Carer please contact Mr Howell, by telephone on 0161 456 4888 or send an email to

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