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Hazel Grove High School


Tassomai Learning Program

Year 11 Combined Science Students Only

The Science department are pleased to offer students the opportunity to access the Tassomai Learning Program, which has been proven to improve students’ GCSE Science results dramatically, with regular use of approximately 10-15 minutes each day.

Tassomai is an internet based program, developed for GCSE Science, which organises students’ independent revision and supports them in learning all the content needed for their Science exams. It analyses their performance and tailors its revision programme to each student so they can fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

How does it work?

Tassomai builds knowledge and boosts confidence through a series of multiple choice questions, which allows for the entire syllabus to be covered effectively and efficiently, with new questions unlocked when students prove they have learnt the previous content.

What are the benefits of using Tassomai?

In trials conducted by Tassomai in 2016, 56.1% of students that completed more than 80% of the course achieved A*-A. This is compared to 11.1% A*-A for students who did not use the program. 95.2% of students that completed more than 80% of the course achieved A*-C. This is compared to 60% A*-C for students who did not use the program.

One of the key benefits of Tassomai is that it organises a daily routine, prioritising each topic and subject based on progress so far and time remaining (i.e. the date of the exam). Students simply log in regularly and complete the quizzes at the top of the list. The goal is simple – students keep the pace of progress up to the speed prescribed by keeping their wheel green or blue. If a student falls behind their target, then their wheel will turn orange or red. As parents, you will also be kept in the loop with a tailored weekly report detailing your child’s progress. Tassomai can be used on any internet-enabled device, making it easy for students to hit their daily target. This report will be sent via e-mail so please provide us with an up-to-date e-mail address for this to go to.

For more information about the Tassomai program, including a demonstration and parent testimonials, go to

The resource will be available next week and you will receive a call text to let you know students have access to it. If you have any further questions, please email; or telephone the school.

See below for the Contact details of each teacher and the class they teach

P3 - - Mrs Thomas

P4 - - Miss Jones

P5- - Mr Kay

M1 - - Mr Blackburn

M2 - - Mr Warren

M3- - Mr Barnes