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Hazel Grove High School


Sims Parent

Getting started with the SIMS Parent   


  • You will receive an activation email in the next few days from; (please check spam/junk) simply click on the link from your tablet, PC or smartphone to activate your account. You will be asked to enter your child’s date of birth please ensure you enter it in the format requested including the /.
  • You can then log in using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft or Office365 username and password. (Please note that SIMS ID will not work)
  • From your smartphone or tablet, download the app from the Google Play or Apple App store - search for SIMS Parent. (You can do this in advance of receiving the activation email). 
  • From a computer or Windows phone, login online at 




If after reading the above SIMS guides you are still having trouble accessing SIMS Parent please email

It is vital that you activate and log in before the 18th October 2019 to check/update the details we hold for your child. If there are no changes to be made, please ‘confirm no changes.’ 

It is our policy that we hold details for at least two emergency contacts please check this in the data collection section of SIMS Parent and update accordingly.


Please note that your activation email is unique to you and should not be used by anyone else. If you require an additional login then please contact the school office.  Your activation email will expire after 14 days if it is not used, please contact school if you require a replacement after this date.