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Hazel Grove High School


School Meals

School Meal Provision

At HGHS we take our responsibility of catering for our students seriously.

We know it’s not just the food on the plate that is important but a real understanding of health and nutrition, but equally important is that we listen to what our students say about what they want to eat and how it is presented to them.

Our commitment and focus is to source our ingredients as locally as possible and provide varied menus that all our diners will enjoy.

We believe it’s important to listen to our diners and welcome feedback from our students, parents and staff and as a consequence the menus provided will be periodically reviewed and changed from time to time.

Need Food Allergen Information

The school catering team have provided information about 14 allergenic ingredients used in foods that are sold by them or provided within the school.

Food allergens cannot be removed by cooking.  That why it’s essential to check and ask for allergen information, to make sure that the food you eat is safe for you.

Food allergens can be life threatening.

If you have a food allergy, the only way you can manage it is to avoid the foods that make you ill. 

Please speak to a member of the school catering team if you need information about the allergens In your food