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Hazel Grove High School



At Hazel Grove High School we would like students to read extensively for pleasure, so they foster a lifelong love of reading and become responsible for their learning.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) your child will have the opportunity to visit the library during an English lesson to select a book to read for pleasure. Students will be able to borrow up to two books to take home and read in their own free time. Their class teacher will make recommendations to them taking into account your child’s reading ability, curriculum targets and interests. If they are struggling with what to read next, they can visit the English Council display board for a ‘Recommended Read’ chosen by our English Council.

With regards to homework, reading is something we expect from all our pupils. All pupils are expected to read three times a week for a minimum of half an hour at a time. Obviously, for stretch and challenge as your child moves through from Year 7 – 11, we would expect this to develop into reading for pleasure on a daily basis. At Hazel Grove High School, we believe every child should be a reader and we hope you will help us support our love of reading for pleasure outside of the classroom with your child at home.

We anticipate that your child will read at least one book per fortnight (depending on the length of the book).

Students are expected to bring their library book as a part of their school equipment as they are given 5-10 minutes of independent reading time at the start of their English lessons.

Books will be classed as lost after 14 days post the due date; lost books will incur a charge for the cost of the book which can be paid on parent pay or a replacement copy may be given to the library.

Alongside reading, we value spelling and therefore the second part of homework for Years 7 and 8 is practising spellings for an in-class weekly test. Students will receive a list of 10 spellings to learn over the week, they will be a mixture of common words and words which link to the English schemes of work. Students are asked to practise these at home using a variety of the spelling strategies suggested by class teachers. We aim for our students to become literate, confident users of extended vocabulary.

Below are the documents from the Literacy Support Evening