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Hazel Grove High School



Target Setting
Wherever possible, the Laurus Trust uses external data to inform target setting.
At Laurus Secondary Schools:
Targets are generated at the beginning of each Key Stage for each student in all subjects. The target will remain with the student until the end of the Key Stage.
At the beginning of each academic year, teachers will receive targets for all of their students. During the first half term, targets can be altered in negotiation with the student. At Laurus we believe in challenging each student and for this reason statistically generated targets will often be moved up. In a small number of cases, due to student circumstances, the statistical target may seem very high. If a member of staff feels that the target would be too much of a challenge for the student then through discussion with their subject leader and the student it is possible to lower a target. The subject/year group leader will then discuss each student with their leadership link. Each student must be discussed on an individual level. 
At Key Stage 5 National Chance Graphs will be used to inform target setting based on prior attainment in GCSEs. These predictions should then be made even more challenging to create a target. It is recommended that students are able to review their chance graphs prior to meeting subject teachers to set subject specific targets. 
Each individual target always contains a level of challenge.

Assessment Points

Assessment points will be used for internal monitoring and to inform students/pupils and their parents/carers of current attainment, progress and any potential issues. They will form part of the intervention process. It is important that decisions can be backed up by evidence and can be justified.

KASH Reports 
At Laurus Secondary Schools:

KASH Reports are filled in terms of Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits (KASH). These are rated against age appropriate expectations for the student and can be identified as:
Excelling   Secure   Enhancing   Establishing   Emerging