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Hazel Grove High School


Geography & History


Geography at Hazel Grove is taught mainly by Mrs Carter, Miss Robins and Miss Ferns. We are located on the top corridor of the East building. Geography is an engaging and relevant subject that you experience every day.

“The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.”

Barack Obama


In Geography at Key stage 3 you will have 3 lessons of geography a fortnight, students follow Geographical themes through the continents. Through each continent students investigate common issues, aspects of physical and human geographies, geographical skills and topical themes.

In year 7 students study, Europe looking at tectonics, tourism, OS map skills. This is followed on by a study of Asia and then Africa.

In year 8 students study, the Americas followed by Antarctica.


In year 9 students have 4 lessons of Geography a fortnight, students follow the OCR A specification. We investigate themes of development, rivers, and energy.

In year 10 students will have 5 lessons of geography a fortnight, students will be studying the new OCR A GCSE, this allows students to enhance their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding by getting an in depth view of the people, landscapes and environmental challenges of the world around us. We complete a range of fieldwork under taken in differing environments. In year 10 we are mainly focused on themes which contribute towards paper 1; UK themes, including UK people, UK environmental challenges and UK landscapes.

In year 11 students will have 5 lessons of geography a fortnight, students will be studying the OCR A GCSE, which allows students a holistic view of the world through themes such as World people, World Ecosystems and World environmental challenges. Students throughout the KS4 will be working towards the skills unit which assesses students’ knowledge and application of a range of Geographical skills but also assesses their fieldwork skills.

Sixth Form

At Key stage 5 students follow the AQA specification which is assessed in 3 forms. There are 2 exams; Human and Physical Geographies there is also a piece of Non Examined Assessment which is an entirely independent piece of work. The themes studied in the examinations include, Global systems and Global Governance, Changing places, Population and the environment. In the Physical Geography exam students study, Coastal systems, Hazards and the Water and Carbon cycles.

Fieldwork In Geography

We are lucky enough to take our students out on a variety of fieldwork. Including visits to Chester Zoo, local river studies, Holderness Coast residential, Manchester urban studies and others. Last year a cohort of students joined the department in Iceland and this year we are off to Italy!


The History Department is located in the East block of the school in 4 classrooms and is mostly taught by Miss McIntyre (Head of Department), Miss Casson (Second in Department), Miss Ashcroft and Miss Pye.


In Key Stage 3 students learn about a range of topics, time periods and events from British and world history from 1066 to the Vietnam War!


At GCSE we follow the AQA Specification with America 1920-73, Conflict and Tension 1918-39, Health and Medicine through time and Elizabethan England as our options.

Sixth Form

In the 6th Form, History is a popular option. Again we follow the AQA specification with students studying Tudor England, Russia 1917-53 and Germany 1871-1991. AQA Government and Politics is also taught by Miss Casson and Miss Ashcroft. Students learn about British and American systems of government. Our students attend lecture and revision days in Manchester annually.

Recent trips have included the battlefields of World War One and London and we hope to expand our extracurricular provision every year. “Horrible Histories” is offered as an “Edge” session in which students research the grisly bits of history and produce their own version of the popular books and magazines.


Miss McIntyre’s favourite period of time is the American boom of the “Roaring 20s” and the Great Depression in 1930s America. Her favourite historical person is President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This summer she was delighted to have visited the famous faces of four American presidents at Mount Rushmore. She also loves modern Russian history.

Miss Casson likes her history with a political edge, so, she enjoys teaching about the terrible working and living conditions of the 19th Century and how these improved as more people gained the right to vote. She enjoys watching history documentaries and her favourite historical person is Aneurin Bevan.

Miss Ashcroft’s favourite period of time is the Tudor period-in particular Henry VII and Henry VIII. Her favourite historical person is Sophie Scholl who bravely fought against the Nazis in Germany. This summer she was very excited to visit Budapest and learn more about the history of Hungary. Miss Ashcroft also enjoys learning about politics and is fascinated by the upcoming Presidential election.

Miss Pye is passionate about all things Medieval- especially Pilgrimages. Her favourite person throughout History is Martin Luther King Jr. Miss Pye really enjoys watching his speeches and reading about how he inspired lots of people. Miss Pye enjoys visiting Medieval cities, such as Canterbury, in her spare time.

Seneca Learning 

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