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Hazel Grove High School


Health and Social Care

PSHCE in Key Stage 3 is delivered in one lesson per fortnight by a team of teachers from a range of departments. There are 6 key themes that are covered across Key Stage 3; citizenship, staying safe, healthy lifestyles, sex and relationships, and careers/finance. At Key Stage 4, there will be opportunities throughout the year for pupils to develop their understanding in these areas and at Key Stage 5 there will also be regular sessions. Each year, the topic content becomes more in depth to ensure that the knowledge and skills that you need to develop are relevant and appropriate to your age and experiences.

In ‘citizenship’, you will develop an understanding of why we have human rights and ways in which we can achieve these for all as well as developing an awareness of instances where people are not able to access their human rights. You will explore government and democracy in the UK and learn ways that you can participate in making things better for people. You will also learn how the law and justice system works.

In ‘staying safe’ you will learn what to do in some medical emergencies, as well as how to make good choices when it comes to your personal safety. You will also consider ways to build positive relationships with others and how to deal with situations that are challenging.

In ‘sex and relationships’ you will consider the changes that happen as people reach puberty, what a healthy and unhealthy relationship may look like, also, you will learn how to keep yourself and others safe and treat others with respect. Another important aspect of this area is where to go should you need help with any of this.

In ‘healthy lifestyles’, you will learn the risks associated with drinking, smoking and drugs so that you are able to make informed decisions and keep yourself save, as well as knowing where to go if you need help. This area also considers body image and how to take care of ourselves emotionally.

Finally, in ‘careers/finance’ you will explore the opportunities available to you after school and help you to develop a knowledge of how you get to where you want to be. In finance, you will develop skills to enable you to manage your money.