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Hazel Grove High School


Student Leadership

Championing and celebrating student leadership skills

An important toolkit for 21st Century life

  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Reflection
  • Commitment
  • Evaluation

Student Council (years 7-11) 

WHAT does a Student Council Representative do?

  • ATTENDS Council meetings on a regular basis (generally once per fortnight)
  • DEBATES with other councillors and discusses ways of addressing issues or concerns
  • INFORMS the Council of school-based issues that have been discussed at meetings
  • REPORTS back to their tutor group on issues that have been discussed at meetings

WHO can be a Council Representative?

  • Those who have a real voice and become actively involved in school life
  • Those who are good communicators,who feel that can confidently express their own ideas and opinions whilst listening to the views of others
  • Those who wish to make a positive contribution in improving school life form themselves and others at Hazel Grove High School
  • Those who are good role models for other members of the school in terms of their attitude and approach to make a difference

WHEN can a student become a Council Representative?

  • At the start of each academic year (September) tutor groups will democratically elect a Council Representative
  • If a Representative gives up their position during their course of the year, a new councillor may be elected by the tutor group
The student council has been a great opportunity for me to voice my opinions and work in a team (YEAR 8 STUDENT)

Eco Council (years 7-11) 

WHAT does our Eco Council do?

  • Create a personalised environmental review for our school
  • Identify areas to improve the school environment
  • Enhance the curriculum with Eco related activities
  • Promote Eco matters in the community
  • Promote student leadership by having a designated senior prefect marketing Eco activities

WHO can be part of our Eco Council?

  • Students who care about the environment
  • Students who want to improve the Eco status of the school
  • Students who are willing to get ‘hands on’ and work hard
  • Students who are imaginative, creative and like to share their ideas
  • Prefects in year 11 who want to further their leadership skills

WHEN can a student be involved with the Eco Council?

  • A vote will take place at the start of each academic year in tutor time
  • Students who excel in Eco lead activities
  • Prefects can put themselves forward and a vote will take place to elect senior prefect with Eco responsibility

Fit for reading/fit for figuures (Year 10) 

WHAT does a Reading/Numeracy Mentor do?

The aim of a Reading Mentor is to inspire younger students, to read by supporting them with their reading and maths developing their confidence. They also promote enjoyment of reading and maths throughout our school.

WHO can be a Reading/Numeracy Mentor?

Any student in year 10 who believes in the importance of reading and the astounding effect that reading can have on our

lives. A student that shows dedication to every aspect of school life along with the ability to demonstrate confidence and commitment within our school is likely to be approached to become a Reading or Numeracy Mentor.

Students with the following qualities make ideal Reading Mentors.

  • Confidence
  • Dedication
  • Courage
  • A role model

WHEN can a student become a Reading/Numeracy Mentor?

and Maths Department review the new year 10 students and approach those students who we think would make ideal Reading or Numeracy Mentors.

There are also leadership opportunities to our Year 12 and 13 students to work as Reading buddies with our students in the Resource Centre – to help them with enrichment and support their UCAS forms.

Sports Ambassadors (years 7-11)

WHAT does a sports ambassador do?

  • Assist with the organising and running of extra-curricular clubs, teams and inter house events
  • To promote healthy lifestyles through encouraging others to participate in sport
  • To be a positive role model and advocate for sporting activities
  • To be the young peoples’ voice on school sport

WHO can be a sports ambassador?

  • Students who are recognised by the school for their significant contribution to school sport
  • Students who want to further their leadership skills
  • Students who demonstrate exceptional sporting values
  • Students who participate in a range of extra-curricular clubs
  • Student who are involved in sports outside of school

WHEN can students become Sports Leaders?

  • Students in each year group will be nominated by the PE Department to become SPORTS AMBASSADORS.
  • Once selected the ambassadors will meet regularly to organise future sporting events and.
I have learnt that you can do anything in life if you put your mind to (YEAR 9 STUDENT)

Prefects  (Year 11) 

WHAT does a Prefect  do?

  • To be a positive role model for other students
  • Work with tutor groups to promote House and school events
  • Support who school events such as parents evenings and open evenings
  • Organise House charity and inter-House events
  • To be a visible presence around the school
  • Promote other student leadership roles and lead the team of Prefects 

WHO can be a Prefect

Students with the following qualities make ideal Prefects

  • Respectful
  • Aware of responsibilities
  • Approachable/friendly
  • Ready to give up their own time
  • Flexible/Understanding

WHEN can a student become a Prefect 

  • Any student towards the end of year 10 into year 11
  • Applications made in the Spring term of year 10
  • Students with suitable applications will be interviewed before Easter
  • Training in the Summer Term
  • Term runs from Easter to Easter
All Prefects have the honour of wearing a special blue prefect’s sweatshirt
I feel I have made a real difference by helping and advising students and raising money for wonderful charities (YEAR 11 STUDENT)

Senior Student Leadership Team (Year 11) 

The Senior Student Leadership Team comprises of the Head Boy and Girl along with three Deputy Head Students who lead teams of students in each of the following areas 

  • Prefect teams
    Head Boy and Girl


  • Student Council
  • House Ethos

WHAT does the Senior Student Leadership Team do?

  • Represents the School at events
  • Lead the student body in order to improve the school
  • Organise Prefects and student leaders
  • Act as an ambassador and improve communications between the governors, senior staff and students

WHEN can I be a member of the Senior Student Leadership Team?

Leadership Team
  • Interviews are held around Easter of year 10 once the Prefects are in place. The Senior Student Leadership Team is appointed once a series of interviews with the Head Teacher and Senior members of staff.
The school is exceptionally proud of all its student leaders in the school, and congratulate them on the difference they make, not just as individuals but to the whole community. (SLT Team)