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Hazel Grove High School


Stop Drop and Read

Research has shown that the one principal factor that leads to raising attainment across the curriculum is the regularity in which a child reads. Those pupils who see the best successes at GCSE are those pupils who read regularly for pleasure – more specifically, those who have reading as an integral part of their daily learning and leisure time. Here at Hazel Grove, we are striving to create an ethos in which every child is a reader and sees the value of reading as part of their future success beyond education.

This initiative affords pupils in Year 7 and 8 the opportunity to make reading part of their school day. From September 2018 onward, pupils will be given 10 minutes at the start of their lesson English lesson to read a book of their choice. During this time, their teacher will also read with them.

The really exciting part of this initiative is that pupils can be as creative and diverse as they like when choosing reading material for this part of the school day. Reading for pleasure can take many forms: fiction or non-fiction, short stories or longer classics – the choice is theirs!

As a way to support this initiative, please make sure that their reading material is:

  • Something they are excited about reading
  • Appropriate in subject content
  • Appropriate in the challenge
  • Always with them as an essential part of their school equipment

Some great places to find reading material are:

Letting pupils choose their own material to read will allow them to take ownership of what they’re reading and help them look forward to that 10 minutes a day where they will be able to enjoy what they’ve chosen.

With regards to any further support you can offer, please ask your child regularly about what they’re reading. If they’re reading fiction, ask them about their favourite character, events, and predictions and how they feel about what they’re reading. If they’re reading fiction, ask them about what they’ve learnt, how they might use that learning and how it links to their curriculum knowledge as well as the world around them.