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Hazel Grove High School


Stem Club News 16/17


Year 7 STEM Club 

Coin Launcer
We built a coin launchers, well done to Lucy whose coin went the farthest.
32 Year 7 students braved the unknown at STEM club on Tuesday this week.
They completed their first ever dissection, using scalpels to look at the eyes and gills of a fish.
The students were amazing and coped with the strong smell very well! It looks like we have a future group of medics on our hands. Well done all.

Christmas Games

Despite the closure on Tuesday the clubbers remembered the extra session on Wednesday and kept working on their steady hand Christmas games. They still need to do one final session to complete their amazing projects, which will be held on Tuesday 13th December after school until 4.30pm. Such a talented and hard working group of students







Owl Pellet Dissecting - Year 7

STEM Club this week were dissecting owl Pellets to recreate animal skeletons.

Thanks to Gauntlet Birds of Prey who donated the Owl  Pellets

Year 8 STEM Club 


This week we were testing our colorimeters (that we made last session) with solutions of different colours.
We soon found out that we needed to use a blue LED for a blue solution as all the light energy from a red LED was absorbed by the blue solution.
We got some really convincing results that showed that as the concentration increased the amount of light energy passing through the solution and registering on the other LED (as voltage on the multimeter) decreased.
We had just successfully made a colorimeter using lego and 2 LEDs (these machines cost over £100 to buy!!).

The Bright Ideas Challange 

Our Year 8 STEM club students have taken the responsibility to become the scientists of the future. They have chosen to take part in 'Shell's Bright Ideas Challenge'!! 
Shell are asking students across the country to think about cities in 2050; what problems and issues might we face in due to over population, will we have energy crisis, food shortages or potentially transport issues.
The students will have until Easter to put together an innovative idea which will help solve one of these issues. The group will be making videos, creating prototypes and using graphic design to hopefully win over the judging panel!

Solar Power

The students were designing Solar powered vehicles, and investigating how solar power can be used. Zain (pictured below) was looking at a solar powered puppy with wagging tail!

Halloween Year 8 Stem Club

The students designed and carved their own Halloween Pumpkins and added Vinegar, blood (colour) and Sodium Bicarbonate to create the foaming at the mouth effect. Look out for the DNA carved into the pumpkin !Some students also created Halloween Lava Lamps with water, oil, blood and Alka Setlzers.