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Hazel Grove High School


Social Science


Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. At Hazel Grove High School students can study Psychology at both GCSE and A level.

In Psychology students learn about topics such as mental illnesses, memory, perception, stress, the brain, prejudice and discrimination, and conformity and obedience. Students will also gain practical experience of conducting their own research.

Students will also learn the skills used by Psychologist such as how to conduct their own research including experiments on both human and animal participants. As part of their psychology studies, students develop their written skills and their ability to both describe and evaluate different psychology research.

Psychology offers students a range of opportunities for learning outside the classroom with annual visits to Crown court, London and a range of guest speakers.

Psychology is taught by Mrs Turner in room E25 and Mr Sharp in room E26. Students who choose to study Psychology have 5 hours of taught lessons per fortnight at GCSE and 8 hours per fortnight at A level.


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