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Hazel Grove High School


Media & Film

The Media & Film Department is currently ran by Miss Bridge and includes a group of experienced teaching staff from the English Department. At HGHS we offer both Media and Film Studies to GCSE level and Media Studies at A Level.

Media and Film are both popular option subjects for GCSE and delivered over 5 hours every fortnight. Both subjects include coursework and exam units, but due to their similarities, they are a banned combination, therefore you can only study one at GCSE.

At A Level we offer Media Studies, again another popular subject, with fantastic results that are consistently in the top 10% of colleges nationally!

So, what’s the difference between Media and Film?

In short, Film Studies is a much more specialised subject in which the film industry is studied in depth and breadth. You will analyse current films, posters and trailers, from both the big Hollywood production companies and outside Hollywood, looking at the production and distribution of products. Students will design an idea for their own film and create a poster campaign to accompany their research and planning. There are two exams to sit in Year 11; Paper One is an exam on a set film genre, such as the superhero genre, and Paper Two is an exam based on the analysis of a foreign film that you have looked at in class.

Media Studies is similar in its course structure, except you study a wider range of areas in the industry, but in less detail. In Media, you will analyse DVD covers, TV adverts and Magazines, looking at all the connected areas of the industry and how they operate. The coursework consists of three assignments, covering three different areas of the industry and the exam unit will focus on another separate area. For example, you could study film, magazines and advertising in your coursework and then your exam could be on TV Serials specifically.

Both subjects offer a fantastic opportunity to develop your creative and technical skills on professional software such as Adobe Photoshop and the iMovie Video Editor on the iMacs. You will become an active consumer of the products you access, and you will understand how they have been designed to target the audience and appeal to our inner needs and desires. You will also be challenged to write more analytically and you will improve your ability to write critical essays, which is fundamental for success at A Level.

Overall, the Media & Film Department has celebrated many years of success and offers students opportunities to enhance both their creative and academic skills.