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Hazel Grove High School


Hair Makeup Piercings And Jewellery


We recognise that there will always be a variety of hairstyles worn by students.  Whilst remaining tolerant of most styles, we will treat as a breach of discipline haircuts that are excessively short – hair with the appearance of less than a No2 cut; haircuts where patterns, stripes or letters have been cut into the student’s hair; or hair that is dyed in bright or unnatural colours. We may ask students with long hair to tie their hair back in certain situations for health and safety reasons.


Make up is not permitted in Years 7 to 9, discreet make up is allowed in Years 10 and 11. Acrylic nails are not allowed in school, neither is the wearing of nail varnish. Nails should be kept to a sensible length that will not affect participation in PE or practical subjects.

Piercings Information

Students are NOT allowed to wear any earrings/piercings and must be aware that they will be expected to remove any bars, rings or studs prior to arriving in school.



No coloured nail varnish or false nails, especially for PE as this could cause harm to another student.


Only badges of merit or office, awarded by the school, may be worn as part of the school uniform.  We request that school bags and belts are sensible and in keeping with the rest of the school uniform.