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Hazel Grove High School



At Hazel Grove High School we take the safety and security of all students and staff very seriously. This extends to e-safety: this means keeping safe when using technology. The technology used commonly includes: the Internet including messaging and social networking sites, mobiles including texts, pictures and webcams.

Every student signs an acceptable use agreement when they join the school. This means that students (and staff) agree to use technologies responsibly. Equipment used at the Academy (laptops and computers) is monitored using specialist software. Users that are found to break this agreement will face a range of sanctions which increase in severity based on the violation.

We have introduced a series of e-safety lessons, beginning in year 7 as we feel that educated users are usually safer users. We will teach students about the dangers but also lots of strategies to avoid and ultimately get out of trouble.

As an adult you can help too.

Keeping Safe at Home  

1) Make sure equipment is used in a public/busy are of the house. Eg. The Kitchen. this will enable you to see what is going on.

2) Talk about technology. What should you not do on a text/email? What happens if you tell someone a secret by email? If you post a photo on a website who can see it? If you use forums it is ok to insult someone?

3) Make sure you know who your child's "online friends" are. If you allow a webcam to be used make sure that you can see the person on the other end and that they can see that you are there.

4) Talk about stories in the news. What should the victims have done?

5) Keep yourself safe! Keep your computer anti-virus software up-to-date ( this is free)

6) Don't give out your personal details.



Links to other resources - Think you know is a great resource for parents' and carers'. It gives tailored advice for helping protect children at different ages. - Another good resource, aimed at parents/carers, provides information on the latest technology jargon and explains them in simple term. -This is a resource aimed primarily at young people, it offers them easy to read tips on what not to do.

Survive the Tech Summer Holidays - Online Safety Tips for Parents & Carers