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Hazel Grove High School


Cycling to School

Cycling to School – Important Notice to Parents

Hazel Grove High School supports students who wish to cycle to school as it improves their health and fitness and reduces traffic congestion outside the school. However, it is also vital that students who cycle to school do so safely, over recent weeks we have had a couple of messages from the general public stating that they have witnessed students cycling dangerously and taking unnecessary risks putting themselves and others in danger.

While Hazel Grove High School wishes to encourage an increase in the number of students cycling to school, the decision as to whether your child is competent to negotiate such hazards as may present themselves on the route from home to school and back must be yours and yours alone. Hazel Grove High School does not accept liability for any consequences of that decision.

Bicycles stored at school are left at the owner’s risk but we do ask students to bring a bike lock to school and make sure that it is used to secure the bike during the school day

Bicycle Helmets

All students that cycle to school must wear a correctly fitted bicycle helmet by Monday 6th November; students that do not follow this will not be able to bring bicycles onto the school site.

We expect that all bicycles should be fitted with lights as the nights are beginning to draw in.

Conditions for Cycling to School

1. Bicycle helmets must be worn.

2. All bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition.

3. Cyclists must ride sensibly and follow the Highway Code.

4. All bicycles must be locked securely in the cycle sheds only.

Many thanks for your support with this as we try to ensure that all students are safe as they travel between school and home.