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Hazel Grove High School


Computing & Business


Computing Department

Take a look at the world around you. How close to a computer are you? When was the last time you used one? Life without computers is almost unimaginable. There’s nothing that doesn’t involve computing in some way. The Department of Computing at Hazel Grove High School looks to provide an exciting and innovative curriculum. We regularly review the curriculum and modern technology to ensure that all our students develop an up to date knowledge and skills fit for the 21st century workplace.

In KS3, students have two lessons per fortnight and will cover a range of topics that will help to develop their ICT skills and introduce them to computing concepts such as programming and algorithms, web design, computer hardware and software, animation and e-safety.

At KS4 we currently offer;

Cambridge National Diploma in ICT (OCR)

Units currently studied include spreadsheets, databases, computer programming, graphics design, website creation and using video editing software. Students submit a series of coursework portfolios each year, contributing to their overall grade. One end of course exam is sat in Year 11 covering the fundamental concepts and theories of information systems.

GCSE Computing (AQA)

Computing is a subject distinct from ICT in that the focus is on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding to create computer systems including software and applications in use on computers and mobile devices. This course teaches students to understand the fundamental concepts of computing and develop software applications to solve a range of problems. 

At KS5 students we currently offer;


ICT focuses on how ICT is used, with an emphasis on the application of ICT skills in everyday life and the workplace. Students look at the way that ICT is used; at home, in the health system, in education and in business. Students will also investigate the capabilities and limitations of ICT, exploring new technologies and alternative methods of data capture and analysis.

The AS coursework element will involve investigating real life businesses and developing methods of advertising and publicising the business as well as promoting their purpose and ethos.

At A2 level students will study topics such as; Networks, The Internet, Codes of Conduct and Security. The A2 coursework element involves planning, designing, developing and testing a system for effective data capture for a company/business of their choice.

Mr Scott Richardson – Head of Computing (W7)

Mr Bradbury - Teacher of Business and Computing (W5)

Mrs Kelly  - Teacher of Computing (W4)


The Business Studies Department

Business Studies covers the life-cycle of a business – from start-up to multi-national company. Case-studies of a wide variety of businesses are used, ranging from the smallest business start-up (as may be seen on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den) to the largest plc’s, such as Tesco and Microsoft. It involves studying in some detail how today’s businesses carry out their various functions, including marketing, finance, operations management (production) and people (human resources).


Key Stage 4

EdExcel GCSE Business Studies is a very popular subject at KS4. We currently offer two routes into the subject area.  GCSE and BTEC.  Both are valid routes, recognised by the DofE and allow progression to A-Level.  We will support students and parents to ensure students are following the correct pathway.




GCSE Business

Students presently study the course over two years with two examinations at the end of Year 11.  Year 9 and 10 study this over 3 years. The course has 2 units. Unit 1 – Investigating a small business, which accounts for 50% of the overall award. Unit 2 is entitled ‘Building a Business’ and constitutes the final 50%. of the award.  The course content ensures that all topics are covered comprehensively and allows plenty of time for revision prior to examinations. Additionally, we hope to inspire some budding entrepreneurs of the future. There are currently five lessons a fortnight in Year 9 and 10 and four lessons per fortnight in Year 9.


BTEC Tech Awards in Enterprise

We have developed our Key Stage 4 curriculum further by introducing a BTEC Level 2 qualification which will be studied over two years. The nature of the course allows theory to be applied to real life businesses, both local and national.  It is designed to help KS4 students develop their business and entrepreneurial skills through practical, skills-based learning. 

  • Offers a creative approach to teaching business.
  • Features practical engaging activities

We have successfully taught BTEC Business First over the past several years.  It allows learners that find examination difficult another route into attaining a good level 2 qualification, whilst providing pupils finding the vocational nature of the qualification particularly useful when progressing onto colleges and apprenticeships. There are five lessons a fortnight at Key Stage 4. Current Year 11 are the last cohort being taught BTEC First in Business as this course has been replaced by Enterprise.

Key Stage 5

The department offers Edexcel A-level Business Studies.

Subject content is very broad with ten topic areas being covered across the two years; from ‘what is a business?’ in the first year to learning more about ‘managing strategic change’ in the second year. The main examinations are currently at the end of the two-year study period with three examinations in total.  However, we have continued to offer AS Business as part of our learning progress.

All students follow the themes as shown below.  Themes 1 and 2 in Year 12, which are then assessed through the AS qualification with two examinations in May of Year 12.  Paper 1 covering Theme 1 and Paper 2 covering Theme 2.  Students then continue studies in Year 13 covering the other themes.  All themes are then assessed at the end of Year 13.  The three examination are as follows.  Paper 1 – Themes 1 and 4.  Paper 2 – Themes 2 and 3.  Paper 3 All themes with an exam board release on an industry investigation.

Beyond The Curriculum

As well as trips and activities outside the classroom, the Business Studies department gives all pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 the opportunity to set up and run their own business.  We have had a number of businesses set up by pupils this year as part of the Edge activities, during Activities week and also through the Manchester Airport Enterprise Competition.  The Manchester Airport Enterprise Competition provides students with the perfect opportunity to showcase their work and to develop their skills as the entrepreneurs of the future.


All lessons are taught in a fully equipped business room which has a state of the art smart board to enhance lesson quality. The department has an excellent set of texts which mirror the courses offered and utilizes the ICT rooms which are used on a regular basis. The department prides itself in moving with the times and using a plethora of teaching and learning techniques to keep students up to date with the latest business case studies. Updates and materials are provided via the intranet moodle system and Twitter.


Mr Graham Street – Head of Business Studies (W2)

Mr Bradbury - Teacher of Business (W4)

Seneca Learning 

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