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Hazel Grove High School



The Art Department is a hub of creativity located within the Technology block. We have three members of staff: Head of Department Mr Jones, Art teacher Miss Inchley and our Art Technician Mrs Pilsbury.

The art classrooms are fantastically creative and full of lively pieces of artwork and inspiration. We can show you how to use drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, 3D sculpture and puppet making.

We have a developed an exciting curriculum to engage you in the world of art, craft and design.


Key Stage 3

In Year 7 you will spend 2 lessons per fortnight in art. You will explore the following key skills: 3D card sculptures, drawing techniques, design and illustration, and painting. This will be inspired by the theme of food and the artist Andy Warhol.

In Year 8 you will also spend 2 lessons per fortnight in art developing your skills further. You will develop your use of: artist research techniques, ceramics and 3D building skills, mixed media and collage, illustration and portraiture. This will be inspired by the work of James De Rosso, Mauric Sendak and the theme of Monsters.

At the end of year 8 you will have some choice in your options for year 9. If you choose to continue to study art you will have 4 lessons per fortnight.

The theme for year 9 art is Disguise, throughout this project you will work in the same way as a GCSE student. This will greatly develop your skills, creativity, independence and use of techniques. You will learn how to develop: visual mind maps, drawing techniques, 3D mask making skills, use of mixed media and ceramics, design and portraiture. This will provide you with the skills needed to flourish at GCSE level Art and Design.

Key Stage 4

The Art course is designed to allow you to express yourself through different forms of Art. At this level you will have 5 lessons per fortnight, and be expected to be more independent and organised.

You will experiment with, and produce art in both 2D and 3D.  You will explore

creativity through painting, drawing, collage, photography, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and

3D relief. Students currently produce work that investigates a range of themes and ideas including:

Puppets, Architecture, Street Art and Urban Decay. This is an exciting course, which is ideal if you love drawing, painting, designing and making. If you are creative, hardworking, imaginative, enthusiastic and interested in problem solving and risk taking then this is the course for you!

Key Stage 5

If you are choosing A level Art and design you should have developed a real love and enthusiasm for the subject. The AS and A level courses allow you to build considerably you skills in a wide range of media including: painting, drawing, mixed-media, sculpture, land art, installation, printmaking, and photography. You will start to research your own themes and subject starting points based on what and who inspires you. You will be expected to visit art galleries and have a much greater level of independence in developing your work. As you have 8 lessons per fortnight you will be encouraged to work on a much larger scale and experiment, take more risks and develop your ideas in more depth.