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Hazel Grove High School



At Hazel Grove High School we offer learning experiences that are designed to create enthusiastic, enquiring and independent minds.

We know that the education a student receives at school can sustain them as they enter the world of work or of further study. We are fully committed to helping students to be ambitious and optimistic; to become problem-solvers and to make the positive and responsible decisions that will make them independent, confident and engaged member of society.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 is broad and balanced. It is shaped to provide personalised learning so that all who choose to study at Hazel Grove are both challenged and supported, regardless of their learning needs.

The learning experience offered in Key Stage 4 & 5 allows students to specialise, encouraging individual talents to flourish, whilst continuing to install a strong belief in academic aspiration. We offer an unrivalled choice of GCSE, BTEC, A Levels and industry recognised courses that allow our students to prosper when they leave us and seize the opportunities that studying at Hazel Grove High School has prepared them for.

In all Key Stages we place students in teaching groups that cater for their particular learning needs so that all can thrive and succeed. We have a strong commitment to providing the highest quality teaching and learning, and we are ambitious for all our students. We consider ourselves to be lifelong learners who strive to communicate our enthusiasm and it is this that underpins our success. The quality of teaching and learning at Hazel Grove was evidenced in our recent OFSTED visit.

Our students are taught using a variety of teaching styles; each is carefully considered to allow all students to enjoy learning and to thrive. Teaching at Hazel Grove High School is driven by what and how we want your children to learn – to give your child the most successful learning experience possible.