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Hazel Grove High School

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Information for Parents/Carers

Hazel Grove High School is one of two High Schools in Stockport to offer Resourced Provision for students with Complex Needs. Provision for the students in the Resource Centre is separate from the provision offered to mainstream students with an Education, Health and Care Plan.

What is the resource centre? 

The Resource Centre is for students aged 11-16 with an EHCP for severe and complex learning needs.  This may include students with:  communication difficulties; students on the autism spectrum and students with learning difficulties.  Students generally are working significantly below age-related expectations.

Resourced students are an integral part of the school and they go to the majority of mainstream lessons supported by a Resource School Integration Assistant (RSIA).  They are withdrawn to the Resource Centre for specialist English and Maths lessons.  In addition, where possible, we build in enrichment activities for the students: for example, arts and crafts,  music and sport.W describes complex needs

How does my child access this provision? 

Places are allocated by the Local Authority and are then named in Section I of an Education, Health and Care Plan.

What are the benefits for my child attending the Resource Centre at Hazel Grove High School? 

The students in the Resource Centre (RC) receive full support from a team of dedicated staff.

Each student belongs to a house. During tutor time  a programme of activities is in place, which includes 1:1 shared reading with 6th Form students and discussion of current local and international events. In addition, there is a weekly assembly in the Resource Centre to celebrate the achievements and progress of the students in the centre over the previous week.

What Curriculum is offered in the Resource Centre? 

Students follow the timetable for a mainstream teaching group within their year, but with support of RSIA’s. They usually return to the Resource Centre for specialist teaching at times where English and Maths appear on their timetable. This provides valuable opportunities to meet individual specific curricular work, whilst also providing the opportunity for social interaction with their mainstream peers.

A separate alternative curriculum is in place for KS4 focusing on Key Skills and Life Skills. Full support is provided for the students throughout the day, although we strive to encourage independence wherever possible. Students get involved in enterprise and fundraising activities as part of their curriculum time.

The School Day

The school day begins at 8:45am and finishes at 3:15pm. There are five one-hour lessons each day with a 25 minute break in the morning and a lunch period of 45 minutes. We have a ‘two week’ timetable. 


Weekly extra curricular activities are enjoyed by the students in the Resource Centre each week, including craft and sporting activities.

We offer the students the opportunity to experience a Residential Activity Week at Bendrigg Trust, staying away from home with their friends, once during their school career. This may take place in year 7, 8 or 9 depending on the date of their admission. The provision of the week is conditional on parental willingness to meet the cost of their child’s place.

Do you have any special facilities or resources? 

Our site has been adapted where possible to accommodate wheelchair users and the Resource Centre itself is well equipped to care for children with physical disabilities. Hoists and full changing and washing facilities are available in the purpose-built Resource Centre. Rise and fall tables are available in some of the Technology and Science rooms.

The Resource Centre comprises of a suite of rooms including 3 teaching rooms and a computer room, a 'chill-out' area, a physio room and a cloakroom, a changing area and fully accessible toilets. The centre can accommodate approximately 17 students. The Resource Centre has its own dedicated drop off and pick up points that have direct access into the centre.

 The school minibus is adapted for wheel-chair users.

What specialist services or expertise do you access? 

Where appropriate, specialist programmes are built into the student’s timetable. Therapists visit the school on a regular basis to work with individual students or small groups, according to their needs. Students receive support from many organisations. Staff in the Resource Centre are trained in Lifting and Handling techniques. Makaton is used where appropriate.

How do I know how well my child is doing? 

All Resourced centre students and parents/carers will be invited to take part in an annual statutory review where students  progress will be celebrated as well as highlighting further area for development.

All students have a daily journal, which is used through the day to record a brief summary of what the students have been learning in each lesson and also to pass messages and information to parents/carers. Parents/carers can also use the journal to inform staff in the Resource Centre of anything they feel staff may need to know or to ask any questions.

The progress of students in the Resource Centre is carefully tracked and you will receive a monitoring report twice per year. 

If you have any concerns about your child's progress, you can contact us through the journal or by phone at any.

Who do I contact if I want further information or would like to visit the Resource Centre? 

If you would like to find out more or to visit the Resource Centre and to look around the school, please contact Ms Sandra Crofts (SENCo) in the first instance. You can do this by ringing 0161 456 4888 or by email on

If you have any questions about the Educational Provisions available across Stockport or any specific questions regarding the 0-25 transformation programme across the Borough, you can contact the Local Authority SEND Team on 0161 474 2525. You will also find further information and guidance on support and provisions on the Local Authority website ( under the heading, 'Local Offer'. This includes, for example, information on the Local Authority Transport Policy.