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Hazel Grove High School


About The School

What really matters at Hazel Grove?

The central focus at Hazel Grove is the achievement of our students. This is not solely defined by academic standards as we recognise that achievement will take many forms depending on the individual potential, interests and talents of each young person. We want all students to fulfil their ambitions whether they be academic, musical, sporting or creative, reaching their potential.

We believe a rich and varied curriculum is important to shaping a young persons potential. We judge the learning experiences at Hazel Grove to be exceptional, from the varied teaching techniques our staff employ to the wide variety of foreign and residential trips, from the extra curricular offers in Sports, Theatre and Music to the rich pastoral and personalised PSHE program.

Our ultimate aim is to take children beyond what would be expected after consideration of initial attainment and background factors. We think we can achieve this by being optimistic about young people, through enjoyable and challenging learning opportunities and our relentless high expectations of all of who to choose to learn at Hazel Grove

At Hazel Grove High School we have established a purposeful and caring atmosphere which caters for the needs of the individual child. Within a pleasant and well ordered environment students are encouraged and expected to work to the very best of their ability.

The aims of our school are:

To provide a happy, secure and totally inclusive environment

Staff and students are all members of our school community and conduct themselves with courtesy and consideration. We have high expectations of behaviour and appearance. The school has a caring and compassionate ethos to which all are expected to contribute.

To develop each individual student’s potential to the full.

We take the view that every member of the school community is a learner. Our curriculum is broad based and seeks to develop both intellect and emotional development, aesthetic awareness, moral and spiritual sense, health and physical ability.

To foster a mutually effective partnership between school, parents and our wider community

Our sense of community is our strength. All members; students, parents, staff and governors, have a combined role to play in supporting achievement

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