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Hazel Grove High School

Dragons' Den

We were invited in July to take part in the competition hosted by Manchester Airport and its partners. They wish to inspire entrepreneurs, team work, business skills and community spirit by inviting teams from local schools to take part in the competition with all money raised going to St Ann’s Hospice

The Dragons’ Den Enterprise competition challenges students to develop a Christmas present for family or friends retailing for £5 or less.
The teams function as a virtual business; designing a gift, working out how to manufacture it , purchase materials, market and sell the product and produce accounts. There were opportunities to develop key skills for each team member.
The A C N will provided a business mentor to each school support-ing the team and encouraging them throughout the process.

The Dragons’ were made up of a panel of Senior Managers from across Manchester Airport and its Service partners who have knowledge and experience of the market place. They challenged students and encourage them to succeed.

Our team was made up of volunteers from Year 10 who wanted to take part. Initially they wanted to create glasses designed with nail varnish and coasters made from recycled lolly sticks. Although they obtained the finding in their first visit to the den, the idea was not very strong and the dragons pointed out that the idea would present many health and safety issues.

Students then decided to change the idea to Tea Lights and rename as Hazel Highlights. Although they missed the sales opportunity at Manchester Airport, they sold at the Christmas Fair for 3 local primary schools and also outside Sainsbury's on a Saturday.

The group raised £447 and £100 will be returned to the Dragons’ with the rest going to the Hospice. We hope to take the money in person to see how that money can make a difference.