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Hazel Grove High School


Parent/Carer Letter Home

Parent/Carer Letter Home

13th February 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are writing to inform you that, with regret, the Governing Board have received Mr Sibson’s resignation from his post as Head Teacher at Hazel Grove High School. Mark has resigned for personal reasons and we hope that the Hazel Grove High School community will join us in respecting his privacy at this time.

It is very difficult for a school to lose a Head Teacher, especially one as well regarded as Mr Sibson and we know that parents and staff will want to join us as a Governing Board as we thank him for his service to the school over the last seven years and wish him well in his future.

We are fortunate to have two outstanding acting Head Teachers in Ben Vickers and Cherry Franklin, who have been doing an excellent job of running the school since January. We have asked them to continue in this role for the rest of the academic year.

It is important for us, as Governors, and for Mr Sibson, to make clear that there is no link between Mr Sibson’s resignation and the proposed merger with The Laurus Trust. Whilst the timing might suggest so, this is simply not the case. Mr Sibson was fully involved in and supportive of the process where The Laurus Trust was selected from the three Multi Academy Trusts that we considered joining.

On a personal basis, after twelve years of service to the school, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform parents that I am passing on the role of Chair of Governors. The economic climate and the uncertainty of Brexit are putting exceptional strain upon my various business interests at a time of increased commitment for Governance of HGHS, as a result of our discussions concerning a potential movement into The Laurus Trust. I therefore concluded that for the good of the school I should step aside. Vivienne Horsfield, previously Vice Chair, has now been voted Chair, and she has my full confidence, as do the rest of the Governing Board.

Joining the Laurus Trust has my absolute support and though this is a time of significant change for Hazel Grove High School, I am confident that the school remains in a strong position and that all will continue to work hard to ensure the happiness and success of all of our pupils, which is no less than they deserve.

Kind regards,
Dr Keith A Harrington