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Hazel Grove High School



Dear Parent/Guardian,

At the start of the year we placed students into teaching groups based on Year 6 TA results we received from the primary schools.  In respect of this, I would like to assure you that each department will be carefully monitoring students over the course of this term to ensure they are being challenged, are making expected progress and are in the correct teaching group.

Over many years we have also found it very useful for all Year 7 students to sit an on line test.  These test are made up of three Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT).  We use the information gathered from the results of these tests alongside the actual SAT result to assess if your son/daughter may require any further academic support.  They also give us suggested minimum targets.

The three CATs tests cover verbal reasoning (sentences etc), non-verbal reasoning (shapes etc) and quantitative reasoning (numbers etc), but are not directly related to any subject material. As such, there is no preparation or revision that students can do in advance of these tests. These tests will take place in a computer room during the school day. Students will have normal break and lunch times.

The tests will take place on the following dates:

Date W3 W4 W8
Tue 18th Sept 7SR 7BC 7SP
Wed 19th Sept 7JL 7AR 7GS
Thur 20th Sept 7HT 7JB 7LM
Fri 21st Sept 7JD 7GR 7GK

Ear/Headphones must be worn for the tests, should your child wish to bring in their own, please remind them to do so on the day of their tests. At times students may have an opportunity to read so please ensure they have a reading book in their bags.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school.

Yours faithfully

Mr B Vickers

Deputy Headteacher