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Hazel Grove High School


End of term letter

July 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

In my final newsletter of the academic year I would firstly like to acknowledge the wealth of activities that have taken place during the last month. Our rewards evenings have highlighted the great progress students are making. Our first ever Sports Celebration evening was a huge success and during Enrichment week we had students in London, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, and Wales. These achievements as well as an enjoyable range of school projects highlights the strength of the offer to attend HGHS. I would like to thank all parents and carers for their financial contributions which make Enrichment Week possible. I hope all students enjoyed whatever activity they were involved with.

New term / New school day consultation


The new term starts for students on Wednesday 5th September at 8:50am.  Please can I remind parents/carers of the following:


  • Winter uniform must be worn – blazers, blue shirts and ties.
  • All school shoes must be plain black and all leather - from September we will have a supply of these items for students to change into, if students are wearing fabric shoes or trainers.
  • From September students will need as part of their equipment a scientific calculator, this can be bought from Parent Pay.


Consultation feedback


Thank you to those parents/carers who attended or sent a response to our consultations.  Overall we had 26 responses either in person or via e-mail. Of these responses:


  • 11 objected to the changes to Bus Schedules
  • 13 objected to the times of the school day
  • 2 queried the One Way System


As a result of the consultation we have or will:


  • Liaise further with TGFM in relation to the 834 Marple Service to encourage them not to change their route. We have been advised that parents/carers should check the TGFM website for announcements before the start of term to check if any updates to the route have been addressed. We would like to thank those parents/carers who have been in contact with the organisation, we feel our voice is now being heard thanks to the weight of parent/carer support.


  • Ensure each day has clubs/facilities for students to stay behind and await collection from parents/carers



  • Give further clarification in September as to when and where The Edge after school Clubs are running.



  • Ensure students know that in an emergency situation the One Way System is not applied (e.g. fire evacuation).


Thank you again for all the feedback we have received, we hope that all changes being made will have a positive affect on the school.


Year 10 Parents/Carers – Uniform and GCSE English


For parents/carers of Year 10 students - please remember students should return to school in a blue polo shirt and black jumper. Prefects have already ordered their jumpers and can collect these on the first day back. 


For those students who sat their GCSE English Literature exam this year, results are available to pick up on Thursday August 23rd from 11am. Parents/carers are also welcome to attend on this day. If students are unable to pick up results on this day, they can telephone for their result or can e-mail the school at from Monday 3rd September.


Leavers 2017/18


At the end of every academic year we sadly have to say goodbye to a group of staff who leave Hazel Grove due to a promotion with other schools, retirement or leaving the Manchester area. We are very sorry this year to be saying thank you and goodbye to the following staff:


Leanne Furber

Schools Sports Co-ordinator

Elaine Pye

Teacher of History

Alice O’Malley

Teacher of English

Sarah Butter

Head of MFL

Rebecca Raine

Teacher of English

Kate Swindells

Learning Support Assistant

Claire Roberts

Learning Support Assistant

Michelle Hertel

HR Manager

We wish all staff well with the next part of their career and thank them all for the valuable contributions to the lives of so many students.

I would like to specifically mention Claire Roberts, who for ten years has been supporting a range of students with very different emotional and learning needs. Claire has worked tirelessly to get the very best out of students who really struggle with accessing school. Mrs Roberts gives her heart and soul to the job, she puts in lots of unpaid additional hours, helping and supporting students, boosting their confidence and allowing them to believe in themselves. As a result of her work, Mrs Roberts was nominated for the Teaching Assistant of the Year award with the National Teaching Awards and whilst not successful in the main awards ceremony we think she is deserving of this crown and today will receive her official recognition from the Teaching Council for her outstanding work during the last 10 years.

INSET Days and School Holidays

I am writing to confirm the 5 INSET days for the next academic year will be:

  • Monday 3rd September 2018
  • Tuesday 4th September 2018
  • Friday 30th November 2018
  • Monday 22nd July 2019
  • Tuesday 23rd July 2019

The date in November is placed deliberately for parents/carers who wish to book early time off work for this 3-day weekend where students are not expected to be in school.

We hope by taking advantage of this, parents/carers will avoid taking term time holidays which of course carry a fine.

And Finally

We believe we are continually improving as a school and we certainly don’t see or feel the school that is described in our latest Ofsted report in January.

Nevertheless, our work continues in the new year to address these matters. Please be reassured that the school will never prioritise it’s standing in league tables or Ofsted at the detriment of working with what we all really came into this profession for. Your child.

Your child deserves the very best teaching, best facilities and best experiences at school and this remains our drive and motivation behind every decision we make and lesson we teach. 

I personally remain as committed to this school as ever before and I want to thank every one of our families who continue to support their child through supporting the school. I wish all our families a very safe and enjoyable summer holiday.

I would also like to personally thank all of the staff who have supported the residential visits last week. We had over 300 students taking part and these opportunities can only happen if the staff are willing to lead the trips and take part in them. In particular, I also want to congratulate all of our students who were fantastic ambassadors for Hazel Grove High School and who were a credit to themselves and to you.

We also worked exceptionally hard to ensure that the 600 students remaining in school had a fabulous experience. Without doubt the passion and creativity of the staff in planning Enrichment Week was excellent and our students should be congratulated on their efforts throughout the week.

Enjoy the summer break.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Sibson