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Hazel Grove High School


Year 6 Transition Day Information

Please read the transition information below for our new Year 7 starters in September 2017

Non Associated Primary School Transition Day

Wednesday 21st June 9am- 12noon

For all new students coming from a non-feeder primary school.

Please come to Hazel Grove High Schools Main gate where you will be met and directed where to go.

We look forward to seeing you.

Students can then be picked up at 12noon outside the Main Hall in the East building.

This Induction day is for students where there  are only one or a few coming from that primary school. this enables them to come to our school and start to develop early friendship with others in the same position. In this year group we currently have close to 45 students who are in this position so please do reassure your child if they are feeling worried that they won’t know anyone.


Common Induction day for Feeder primaries and Non-Associated Primary schools

  • The common induction day for all our Year 6 students to join us at High School is Thursday 6th July. Uniform will be on sale on this afternoon. The day starts at 8:45am and students can be collected at 2:30pm from the Main Hall.


  • Parents information evening is the following week on Wednesday 12th July however if you have any questions before this please let us know by e-mailing

All dates are correct above, if you have queries please call 0161 4564888

Please read through our website as this will offer lots of information, you can view the uniform and stockists on our uniform page and term dates can be viewed here